Noodle Markets (1)

Hey there!

WHO (are we)

We’re the 1st Jung Joon Young fanbase in Singapore, but we’re now an international fanbase!

Admins: Grace (Singapore), Tara (Indonesia)

WHAT ( is this site for)

This site is an extension of our twitter page, where more pictures/ videos will be posted. Follow our twitter for updates!

We do not claim ownership for any photos/vids here

Membership is now open! Fill in the form below to join us!

WHY ( an extension)

There is only so much we can update about JJY through twitter ( we don’t wanna spam your timeline!) and here’s a page where the community can grow, so do join us!

HOW ( to be involved)

We welcome all HD fantaken pictures/ videos/ fan art of JJY. Feel free to send them to our email/ tweet us and we’ll keep you informed if they are approved/ rejected. Do remember to credit the sources as well!

Email: jjyxddorai@gmail.com

Twitter: @jjyxddorai


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