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Childhood- Adolescence

Jung Joon Young was born in South Korea on Feb 1989 but raised in Indonesia, China,  Japan, Europe and Philippines.  Besides a fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo, he took up private lessons for violin and piano. While teaching music and Taekwondo to children in Philippines as part of missionary work, Jung Joon Young found out that his dream was to be a rock singer.



In 2010 and 2012, Jung Joon Young released his solo EP ‘Rock Trip’ and Digital Single ‘Fantasy’ respectively under Danal Entertainment. In 2008, he was selected by Starkim Entertainment to be the main vocalist of LEDApple ( idol rock band) but was dropped out right before their debut due to contractual issues. Jung Joon Young then entered Hongdae indie music scene through busking and performing in club theatres under Flowermist and Switchon respectively.

Superstar K4


In 2012, Jung Joon Young participated in Superstar K4 as a solo artist for his band members from Switchon were having problems with their visa and he simply could not give up his dream as a rock singer. Together with Roy Kim, they rearranged ballad song ‘Becoming Dust’ into a rock version in which became a big hit. While he stood by his hardrock music style through performances such as ‘Outsider’ and ‘Bed of Roses’, Jung Joon Young’s cover of ‘Emergency Room’ a song chosen by viewers was highly ranked and topped several online charts. As a contestant who had received the greatest number of accumulative phone votes until semi-finals, JJY eventually emerged as third in Superstar K4.

1st mini album


Following Oct 1 2013 where Jung Joon Young pre-released his title track ‘Spotless Mind’, he made his official debut on Oct 10 under CJ E&M. With his uprising popularity overseas, he met with Taiwanese fans through a fan meet on Dec 8 2013.

Besides self-composing ‘I’m Nobody’ for Pretty Man OST, he collaborated with hip hop group Soul Dive in releasing a cheer song ‘Always Reds’ for World Cup 2014. On May 29 later in the year, he released a single with Younha, ‘Just the way you are’. Alongside JJY’s low and husky voice, Younha’s high-pitched and smooth voice created a perfect harmony, causing the healing song to tug at listeners’ heartstrings effortlessly.

2nd mini album- Teenager


On June 26, Jung Joon Young released his 2nd mini album Teenager. Besides composing and producing all six tracks, he had also participated in the album’s concept and cover design. He once mentioned that it was a very self-satisfactory album personally.




3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards – New Male Solo Artist, Most Popular Karaoke Song of The Year (with Roy Kim)

MBC Entertainment Awards – Star of The Year

Mnet 20’s Choice – 20’s HOT Cover Music Award (with Roy Kim)

Allkpop Awards – Best New Male Artist


16th Mnet Asian Music Awards – Style in Music

KBS Entertainment Awards – Best Entertainer Award (Variety)



From November 14 to 16, Jung Joon Young toured major Chinese cities namely Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai as part of his 2014 Demo Live Tour.


tumblr_mtntwpuDng1r0u46to2_1280TV series: Ulzzang Generation S5 (2011), Jung Joon Young Be Stupid (2013), Immortal Songs 2 (2013), We Got Married S4 (2013), 2 Days 1 Night S3 (2014), M!Countdown MC(2014), Fashion King Korea S2 ( 2014), The Lover (2015)

Movies: Love Forecast (2015)

Cameos: Girls Generation-HaHa’s ‘Liquor Bottle’ MV (2011), TTS’ ‘Twinkle’ MV (2012) , Mnet Monstar (2013), MAMAMOO’s Mr Ambiguous MV (2014), Fated To Love You (2014)

Guest Appearances : Ulzzang Generation S6 (2102) Beatles Code ( Superstar K4 special 2012), Mnet TAXI (2012) , Three Idiots (2012), King of Boss (Superstar K Top 3 2012), Happy Together ( 2013, 2014, 2015), KBS’s Star Babysitter (Chuseok special 2013), Quiz Change The World (2013), Family’s Dignity Full House (2013), 1 vs 100 (2013), Golden Fishery Radio Star ( Dirty Guys special 2013, WGM couples 2014), Weekly Idol (2014) , Guerilla Date (2014) , Global Request Show: A Song For You(2014),  SNL Korea (2014), King of Food ( Feast for fatigue recovery 2014), Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook (2014, 2015), SIA Style Icon Awards (2014), Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (2015), My Little Television (2015), Three Wheels (2015), Comedy Big League (2015)

Radio: Hope Song At Noon (2013), MBC FM4U Close Friend (2013), Shimshimtapa (2014-present), MelOn (2015)


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