[TRANS] 151030 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa convo cuts


JJY: (looking at the album) It’s a handsome looking album…

Writer Bae: What’s inside?

JJY: It’s a secret.

Writer Bae: But I am the one who brought the album here?

JJY: I’m thinking of letting the listeners buy the album~

Writer Bae: Ah~ So it isn’t me, but it’s the listeners who you’re trying to keep the secret from… Let me take a look then?

JJY: Hold on! Let me look first!

Writer Bae: Fine fine fine

JJY: This album cover resembles a book.. I should learn from them

Writer Bae: Hahahaha

(kkkk Writer Bae seems so done with DJ Young~)


Writer Bae: Joon Young sshi, will you do business?

JJY: I don’t have much interest in business though… But people have taught me not to say such words casually~ Because nobody knows what is gonna happen next time.

Writer Bae: That’s true, nobody knows what is gonna happen in the future. Who knows we might see “Jung Joon Young Pizza” next time

JJY: Wow! I totally lost my appetite after hearing that!

Writer Bae: Hahahaha


Listener: I’m studying at an Arts school and the high amount of exams are draining me out. Give me some fighting spirit DJ Young!

JJY: Arts school is considered a small problem as compared to other life problems~ You’ll face career stress once you graduate and you’ll receive working stress once you’re started working! When you get into relationships, you’ll be stressed over guys! You’ll require a large amount of money once you get married, hence you’ll face more stress! Mother-in-law! Stress! Once you turn 60 and your daughter still refuses to marry, you’ll face stress and more stress! Hahahaha


Listener: Joon Young sshi, it’s my first time listening to a radio broadcast this late at night. I’m happy that I’m awake with you since I have work to do.

JJY: Oh no~ I’m heading home to sleep soon though. I’m gonna sleep in 20 minutes time~


JJY: Don’t you like Victoria (from fx)?

Writer Bae: Yes! Qingdao has 2 major stuff – beer and Victoria

JJY: Victoria and I are both from Qingdao~ I was in the same city as her when I was in Qingdao~ The same shopping mall, the same shopping street, the same fast food restaurant… As there were only 2 fast food restaurants then, there is a high possibility that we sat on the same seat before too…

Source: 毛毛桃即将失-业


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