[VID &TRANS] MTV I love Idol exclusive interview with Jung Joon Young

JJY: Hello everyone, this is JJY Band. You are watching ‘I love Idol now’.

Narrator: Jung Joon Young who has been coming to Taiwan in 2013 & 2014 has released a mini album with a band formed in May earlier this year. All the songs in the album are produced by Jung Joon Young and Jo Dae Min. Title song OMG was also produced by Bon Jovi’s producer. Jung Joon Young who has finally released an album under the name of a band, returned as a rocker, in which he has completely shown a wild side of himself. We managed to have an interview with Jung Joon Young and his band in this program.

Host: Our guest today is someone who I haven’t seen in some time. He recently formed a new album and has even brought his members along to this program. Jung Joon Young, welcome!

JJY: Hello~

Narrator: the members as well

JDM: Hello, I’m the guitarist, Jo Dae Min

JSW: Hello I’m the bassist, Jung Seok Won

LHK: Hello, I’m the drummer, Lee Hyun Kyu.

Host (to JJY): How do you get to know the 3 of them?

JJY: My producer hyung wants to create a band hence he started sending out emails to get to know them one by one through the Net, eventually forming the band.

JJY (to host): Oh right, have you eaten? (in Chinese)

Host: I’m really hungry. Do you have money?

JJY: I.. I don’t have any now

Host: I.. I don’t have too.

Host: Who’s words do you guys listen to when differences surfaced during the production process?

JJY: We’ll listen to that friend’s (pointing to LHK) opinion.

Host: Reason being?

JJY: Because he’s the drummer. His hand strength is no joke and so we’re scared to be hit should we not listen to him.

JJY: He hits people when he’s crazy

Host: Oh really?

JJY: I’m scared to death

Host: Right, I heard that you guys went to US to record.

JJY: Yea, LA

Host: They recorded a total of 8 songs at the studio in LA. Which is the piece of work which you guys like the best in the entire album?

JDM: Since we spent extraordinary effort in the title song OMG, it has to be OMG.

Host: I heard that Bon Jovi’s producer participated in the producing process for OMG. How did this collaboration come about?

JJY: I have a friend in LA who produces music. His friend is Bon Jovi’s producer, hence he introduced me to Bon Jovi’s producer. And then we worked together.

Host: And so they collaborated.

JJY: Yes that’s right.

Host: Do you think we still need the translator?

JJY: His translation isn’t good (in Chinese)

Host: This will make him very sad. How did your Chinese improve so much? You’re really great!

JJY: I know.

Host: Are you still learning Chinese now?

JJY: No more

Host: He’s really good at speaking mandarin. Since this song is called OMG, is there any life events which made you feel ‘OMG’?

JJY: I will feel ‘OMG’ when I drink, especially when I am puking.

Host: I don’t think only you will ‘OMG’ when you puke, your surrounding friends will probably feel that way too.

JJY: I’m not the only one who ‘OMG’, they (pointing to the rest of the members) will do it as well.

Host: Although we do see that the members often come together to produce music, JJY’s scope of work is a little different from the rest. For example, you’re a DJ, a MC and you’ve participated in lots of variety shows. You’re a singer and now you’ve returned as the vocalist for a band. Among so many job scope, which one do you think it best represents yourself?

JJY: All of them.

Host: Is there any that you especially like?

JJY: The one I like? Singing.

Host: Your radio broadcasts start late at night; do you feel tired as a result?

JJY: It’s okay, it’s fun.

Host: Sounds meaningful. Because of his job scope, he often leaves the radio station at wee hours. However, there are some schedules which start early the next day. Are you okay?

JJY: Okay~ Sometimes I’m okay, sometimes I’m not.

Host: JJY will be heading over to Japan for a fan meeting but are you planning to come Taiwan anytime soon?

JJY: I hope to go over to Taiwan

Host: Bring the members as well

JDM: Please call us, we’ll head over!

Host: Actually it has been some time since you last met up with your Taiwan fans. In fact, you have a lot of fans in Taiwan, do you have any words you wanna say to them?

JJY: Kids, are you doing well? I really miss you guys. I’ll definitely head over to see you guys soon. Meanwhile, be careful not to catch a cold. Goodbye~ You guys~ We miss you. Don’t really know how to drink, we’ll head over immediately! (He’s just sprouting random words at this point kkk)

Host: Thank you. You can come to drop by my radio broadcast the next time you come Taiwan and be my co-host!

JJY: Ah is it? You host a radio program in Taiwan?

Host: Yes, I do. Everyday 10pm-12am.

JJY: 10pm? I start at 12am and it lasts till 2am.

Host: That’s right, yours is much later. It must be hard, fighting! It’s really great to be with JJY and his members today. Thank you everyone~

Translated by: JJYxDDORAI


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