[TRANS] 151012 – 151015 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa convo cuts



Listener: I’m ironing clothes while listening to the radio… I’m guessing whose voice this is~

JJY: Is this asking me who am I? I’m Yoo Ah-In… Hahahah I’m Jung Joon Young uh~


JJY: Staying contact with my relatives? There are some whom I keep in close contact with, yet there are also some whom I don’t contact often. I stay in contact with my younger male cousin because of gaming~ The older male cousin recently called me, saying that he can’t greet me when I went to his shopping mall the other day… Hmm… I have lots of female cousins, two of whom I have never met them after turning 12~ I only remembered their names~ Ah!!! It’s not like that! Noonas I’m sorry!! We met last year! Hahahaha



JJY: Of course, we have to live with gratitude. I went to Law of the Jungle (LOTJ) recently~

Lovelyz: How is it?

JJY: I’m grateful~

(As it was a viewable studio session, DJ Young even did a 90 degree bow before ending his work~)


JJY: Here are some football and baseball news. (looking at noona writer) Are we a sports channel? Look at this yourself!

JJY: (introducing the baseball scores) In any case, 2D1N broadcast got cancelled because of this baseball match, how frustrating!


JJY: Ah! I had an appointment today originally, but it was cancelled ultimately, how lonely! Hahaha When is Roy Kim returning? I wanna play with Roy Kim! Has he returned already? He seemed to have gone to Philippines.. or is it somewhere else… Contact me if you’re listening!


JJY: I often listen to CD on the car… Because I’m lazy to change the CD, I only hear that one CD all the time. Even though I don’t really like that singer, I know all of his songs now! Because I don’t know how to change the CD kkk



Kim Ho Yeong: Joon Young sshi, did you fall sick after coming back from LOTJ filming?

JJY: Of course… But all’s good now~

KHY: Isn’t it tiring?

JJY: It’s.. fine~ I’m really grateful~

KHY: Looking at your eyes, they seemed to have lost soul…

JJY: It’s.. not like that~~ Hahahaha



JJY: After coming back from LOTJ filming, the feeling of being able to sleep under my blanket, the feeling of being able to drink coffee whenever I like it, the ability to use my phone to reach my friends are really distinct. At times where we are unable to do things we have often taken granted for makes me realize that they are something to be thankful for instead. Today as well, I came with a grateful heart to undergo this 2hrs radio session~

Although I’m harping on gratefulness with regards to mundane stuff, what I’m actually grateful is… the very fact that I’m no longer at Samoa~ hahahaha

Together with LOTJ friends, we talked about being grateful everyday!

The moment we wake up; we’ll send a kkt saying “Ah… I’ve woken up, waking up is something to be grateful for~~~” We played like this the entire day and this has started since the day we came back~ Hahaha

“The weather’s good~” “Grateful for the weather!” Hahaha

Even Yong Jun Hyung has sent: “I’m also getting ready for work~ I’m harbouring a grateful heart as I bathe” hahaha

Source: 毛毛桃即将失-业


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