[OP] DJ Young’s Departure


1 year & 4 months isn’t long nor short. But just as how conflicting this duration is, I have mixed feelings about DJ Young’s departure. Needless to say, SSTP is a platform which has provided us a sense of connection with JJY, whose status as a celebrity made him seem unreachable. Radio has formed that bridge, where everyone is entitled to share a tinge of intimacy with JJY, most often portrayed through the quiet (or maybe loud) exclamation when he read your message on air.

Listening to SSTP is almost like a daily homework – only that we do it voluntarily, and more often than not, excitedly. From DJ Young’s hilarious imitation of TOP to his heartfelt advices, only to end off with unexpected twists which only can be pulled off by him, DJ Young’s 4D personality was exuded through such a casual avenue. It is this natural-like exemplification of his personality which intrigues us, grow on us and we eventually got attached to it.

All these memories seemed public, yet private, with some of them being more meaningful than others. Because of all the times which JJY SSTP has given us laughter, reflection, peace and comfort, the sadness and emptiness which follow are exceptionally apparent.

As a fan myself, I am equally saddened, for it seems that the bridge of connection has been broken to pieces. Recognizing that I will no longer laugh quietly to myself while I translate SSTP convos only deepened the sorrow. However, rather than dwelling on the very fact that DJ Young’s voice will no longer be heard on air, the end of JJY’s radio journey lifts the curtain for him to show a better self through music. Just as how we turn to JJY SSTP for comfort, whether it is through his words or merely through his voice, the emphasize of his musical journey merely shifts our search of comfort to another channel. I am thankful to the bundle of memories JJY SSTP has given and they will be kept close to my heart. As we listen to the last SSTP broadcast this Sunday, instead of listening with a dejected heart, view it as a beginning to a new phase of JJY’s musical journey and let us all carry on this journey with him. Merry Christmas, DJ Young.


Note: This is a personal and reflective piece. ^^


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