[TRANS] 151029 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa convo cuts


JJY: Billy sshi, do you have dolls at home?

Bily: I only have dolls for cats, I have none for myself.

JJY: Why do I have so many Pikachu dolls at home! Hahahaha


Listener: I ate a vegetable rice ball for dinner and I’m listening to SSTP now.

JJY: I ate a triangle rice ball too~ It’s okay this is life~^^


(introducing Bily)

JJY: Guys who play guitar are popular, just like Jung Joon Young…

Guys who sing well are popular too, just like Jung Joon Young,

Tonight the guys who will be using their voices and guitar skills to soothe listeners are like JJY Band – Bily & Ggotjam Project

These two artistes are suitable for outdoor performances, just like Jung Joon Young~~

Bily: You’re the same as before aren’t you~


JJY: Bily, what will you think of at the mention of home?

Bily: I’ll think of the cats who are playing at home now

JJY: You bred cats?

Bily: Yea

JJY: What are their names?

Bily: Pillibseu (?) & Keiti(?) (sorry am not sure of the actual names here!) :/

JJY: I heard that EaZea rears 2 cats too. Let them matchmake and get married!

Bily: How I wished I could do that, but my cats are sterilized already~

JJY: Fall in love will do~ There’s no obligation… to make babies… Cats also need to fall in love~


Bily: Joon Young, what is love to you?

JJY: I think, love is a beautiful thing.


JJY: Bily, do you have performances?

Bily: Yup, on Christmas day~

JJY: On Christmas day itself?

Bily: It’s on 25th & 26th

JJY: Just do the concert on 25th will do.

Bily: Why?

JJY: 26th is my concert~ In China… You guys can watch Bily’s performance on 25th and immediately purchase plane ticket to Shanghai for my concert!

Bily; A world star indeed~

JJY: Not really… I’m only going to Shanghai hahahah


Source: 毛毛桃-见3忘2扔1郑哥是0


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