[TRANS] 150916 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa convo cuts

Here’s the part 2 cuts of Jung Joon Young (and Kim Ho Young this time round!) teasing Choe Nak Ta. You can view part 1 here

JJY: Do you feel any difference from your previous broadcast and this current one?

CNT: I was so nervous the other time, I couldn’t remember what was going on…

JJY: Then I’ll let you not even want to remember today

CNT: Hahaha

CNT: I came here after a meal since I was thinking that  I should come with a different mentality this time~

JJY: Yea, you mentioned your gf when you came the last time. You were talking about meeting your gf outside a convenience store…

CNT: I didn’t have a proper introduction that time, such that I only ended up talking about my gf… I can’t just do that hahaha

JJY: Hahahaha

CNT: I can’t do that

KHY: Joon Young is the kind of person whereby he will talk more of the stuff you do not wish to talk about.

CNT: What should I do hahaha

CNT: (After singing a ballad by 2NE1)

JJY: I think… the reason why he insists on singing 2NE1’s song and not his own is because his heart is aching now.

CNT: It’s not like that~ I’m very blissful now, I am filled with gratitude as each day passes hahaha

JJY: Choenakta sshi!

CNT: (nervous) Yea?

JJY: Our second corner has started!

CNY: (sigh of relief) Ah~

JJY: kkkkkkkk

(after listening to a song)

JJY: Read this part… faster ready this part! I’m kidding~ kkkkk He was really shocked for a moment~

CNT: I was truly shocked. I’ll never believe you again! Hahaha

JJY: So which one do you choose?

CNT: I choose 1.

JJY: 1… I think not a lot of people will choose that…?

CNT: Then I’ll change to another one.

JJY: (cuts in) It’s too late

CNT: ….

JJY: Do you have moments where you said the wrong things?

CNT: This… tend to happen in a relationship

JJY: Such as calling your gf’s name wrongly?

CNT: I think I managed the situation pretty well… (realized that he said the wrong thing) Er… I mean…

JJY & khy: Hahahahaha managed the situation well?

CNT: No it’s not hahaha

KHY: Faster make an apology to your gf!

JJY: You made a mistake right here isn’t it! Hahahaha

CNT: Ah… what should I do

JJY: Later when CNT sees his phone, it’ll be filled with tons of his gf’s texts! Then CNT will be making this argument into a song for his second album, which this title song will be called “at radio”. The lyrics will include “ said the wrong thing at radio, having my phone checked by my gf and so I got scolded by her”

Translated from: 毛毛桃-喂刘亚仁在吗


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