[TRANS] 150910 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa convo cuts

DJ Young shows his cheeky side while making fun of Choenakta! This is Choenakta’s first broadcast so watch how DJ Young teases him~

JJY: Is today your first radio broadcast Choenakta sshi?

CNT: Yes it is, I’m really nervous~

JJY: (evil laughter) kehahahahah…

CNT: … (this hyung’s laughter is actually kinda scary huh)

JJY: I heard that you even skipped dinner because of the anxiety~ (evil laughter) hahaha

CNT: …

JJY: Why are you called CNT?

CNT: That’s because I used to look like a camel when I was in high school, hence the name.

JJY: Honestly, you look a lot like my brother…

CNT: Hahahaha is it?

JJY: My brother’s pretty handsome as well~ You two really look alike! I was shocked just now because I thought he came!

JJY: Let’s introduce your new song~ How did it come about?

CNT: It’s… on the way home, when a female junior calls you.

JJY: Is it during midnight? Or during nightfall?

CNT: Evening I guess… Your girlfriend saw the conversation between you and the junior hence she misunderstood and got angry. This song is about clearing the misunderstanding~

JJY: (excited) How angry did your gf get for you to write it into a song? In my opinion, I think this happened pretty recently!! It must be! I wondered how mad she got~ Hopefully you’ll reconcile with your gf after she has heard this song.

JJY: Where did you get most of your inspiration from while composing?

CNT: My songs aren’t necessarily my stories~

JJY: But that song has got to be your story! Hahaha

CNT: It’s not like that!

JJY: What do you mean by it’s not! Unless your current gf is not the same girl in the song.

CNT: Wait… a moment..

CNT: (sings another song)

Lyrics: “Let’s not fight anymore, on this beautiful day”

“ Let’s see some cherry blossoms together~”

JJY: Seems like you two fought during spring! Ahahaha. You two fought again in spring! Why are you two always fighting~ Even in spring…

CNT: Isn’t it numb if you let your arm act as a pillow for your gf~ Whoever did this before should know how it feels~

JJY: Why? I don’t think I can withstand it beyond 10 secs.

Translated from: 毛毛桃-喂刘亚仁在吗


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