[TRANS] 150903 – 150905 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa convo cuts



JJY: I have never sent flowers via express delivery… except once! I sent to KBS’ Seo Soo Min~ telling her: “Thank you for letting IU and I film together.” Hahahahaha. I think… It is her first time receiving flowers too.


JJY: I don’t really throw away things… It’s time to throw away that toothbrush which I have been using for a year! Hahaha. I’ll have to buy a new one while going home later.


Listener: Kim Jun Ho came to our school~ he called out six funniest students and even said that he’ll send us signatures of 2D1N members…

JJY: He is really too casual! How could he act so casually alone! He has yet to ask for my signature~ I think when he see me the next time, he will (imitating KJH) “Here! You’ve gotta sign here!” Hahaha



JJY: Let’s introduce the next album which belongs to SG Wannabe. Their label is the same as mine… From producing to all sorts of work aspects, the people involved are the same as mine! Their promotional style is the same as well! They often go to the same shop as Roy~

Writer Bae: Seems like a lot of people participated… They’re all good people yup?

JJY: They mostly are except for a few.



JJY: This year’s summer was exceptionally unbearable as my house do not have air conditioning. But the thought of being able to move to a new house soon pulled me through. And then! I went to see my new place and it turned out that it doesn’t have air conditioning too! It came as a big shock to me! Hahahaha. How frustrating! I would have bought a convertible one had I knew earlier! I could just remove it and re-attach at a new place then re-use it again. Ah! No air-conditioning! Frustrating!

Translated from: 毛毛桃丶中了刘亚仁的毒了


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