[TRANS] 150826 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa convo cuts


KS: This is our first time meeting ever since 2D1N recording~

JY: That’s right~ but didn’t we talk in the kkt group chat~ I did reply you before~

KS: You call that a good chat? I once asked: “Joon Young, let’s get married?” And you actually asked me to take out 10 thousand million! And all I can say is “Almost, almost, a tad more and I’ll have the full sum!”


JY: Kim Sook sshi, what song would you like to hear?

KS: Hmm… I wanna hear Jung Joon Young sshi’s… hmm.. Joon Young sshi, what song do you wanna hear?

JH: Do you not know his songs?

KS: Hahaha it’s not that~ It’s just that I thought that DJ can’t really play his own songs…

JY: I play several of my own songs in a week though…

KS: Is it?

JH: He’s that shameless~


KS: I wanna pick a Girl’s Day song. I didn’t manage to properly take care of Minah the last time at 2D1N… let’s play their song~

JY: I did take care of her individually behind the scenes though~

KS: Why? Why didn’t you take care of me then?

JY: Alright I understand.

JH: Kim Sook, how do you want to be taken care of? Let’s just give her 10,000 won~

JY: (calls his manager) Bring 10,000 won here!

JH: Hahaha, ask her to call a cab home.


JY: We’ll be giving 30 hamburger coupons to each person should these 3 people answer correctly~

Jun Ho, KS: 30 per person? One can eat burger for a month isn’t it?

JY: This is the type of programme we run.

KS: I should answer more questions then, this is much more than what I have earned recently. Sigh~ I don’t have much work lately.

JH: Quick, give her 10,000 korean won!

JY: (calls his manager) Bring 10,000 won here!


Listener: We saw Jun Ho ahjusshi during Busan Comedy Festival the last time and he is really friendly towards us~

JH: I recalled it! Didn’t I spend a night sleeping at the location~ I saw two students standing there early in the morning, thinking that they are worried about me… And so I said: “Hello how are you, didn’t think that my fans will still be here.” And then they asked: “Where is Joon Young oppa?” I loathed you Jung Joon Young, from that point onwards.

Translated from: 毛毛桃hing车胜元怎么那么有味道


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