[TRANS] 150811 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa convo cuts


JY: We’re at the radio station downstairs today and there are lots of listeners outside now. Let us say hello everyone! Let’s hear how you imitate a dog.

Outside: Woof woof…

JY: What about cat?

Outside: Meow meow…

JY: Dinosaur!

Outside: Eeng!!!

JY: kkkkkkk


JY: I would receive this type of message at least once per day. “What are you doing now?” I’m doing a radio programme now. It’s been more than a year since I’ve been doing this yet there are still friends asking me what I’m doing at 12am plus. How annoying!  When they ask what I’m doing at 8, I’ll answer that I’m at radio! Where are you? At radio! Doing what? At radio! At where? At radio! ( kkkk~ Is our DJ Young alright?)



(Wonder Girls chose a fast song to be broadcasted)

WG: I’ve forgotten that this is a midnight programme, not sure if the listeners will find this song a bit too noisy?

JY: Looks like you all hardly listen to my programme yea~ We occasionally play Marilyn Manson’s songs… They will be played when I’m too tired… Everything is planned according to me since it’s my broadcast.

WG: What an awesome programme~

Translated from: 毛毛桃丶


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