[TRANS] 150810 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa convo cuts


JY: I think that Dickpunks hyungs have changed~ You guys used to call me out to play video games frequently in the past. However, I am only contacted when you guys head to clubs…

Tae Hyun: It’s not that we call you when we go to clubs, it is that you are already in the clubs whenever we head there!!


(Yoo Seung Woo being asked about the changes in JY throughout these 3 years)

YSW: My first impression of Joon Young hyung is that he asked me to take a selfie with him after he had finished drinking in large quantities during a meeting…

TH: He really do know how to be clingy… He used to do that to us as well~

YSW: I was quite intimidated by him at first sight. However, I realised that nobody can be as frank as him. He is an interesting hyung~


(after hearing Dickpunks live performance)

JY: Ah! Hold on! Let us hear a verse from ‘Viva Primavera’, followed by ‘Red Butterfly’.

DP: Are you gonna sing for us ‘Outsider’ then?

(after hearing YSW’s live performance)

JY: How about you sing a short verse of ‘Seok Bong Ah’?

(after singing a short verse of it)

JY: 제이선브라전!!!

(YSW obediently continue singing~)

DP: JJY sshi, sing a verse of ‘It’s Only My World’ for us as well!

JY: I’m a DJ, so I don’t sing.


JY: Why does Hyun Woo sshi and Jong Min like to stick together?

HW: You’re close with Kwang Hee aren’t you? I saw your interactions with him on 2D1N. I was thinking it’ll be interesting if we become friends with Kwang Hee as well~

JY: That friend is weird~ He called me at 12am asking me to watch a movie with him. I told him to come to his senses!


(asking a question to the listeners)

JY: Which program did Dickpunks, Yoo Seung Woo and I debut from? 1. Kpop Star 2. Super Star K 3. American Idol 4. Show Me The Money 5 kkkkkk (laughed hysterically after reading the options out loud)

Translated from: 毛毛桃丶


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