[TRANS] 150729 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa convo cuts


JJY: It’s weird. I’ll be in an extremely good condition whenever I sing celebratory songs~ It’s so good to the extent that my company told me to sing a celebratory song before singing live every time. Hahaha


JJY: What is one blissful moment you guys have encountered recently? For me, it is when I open a carton of beer after I reach home from work~

HCY: Eung~ Having bathed after work and standing in front of the fan is blissful as well~

JJY:  Just a mention of standing in front of the fan will do, must you include the nude part? I’m not that blissful when I go home these days. I don’t have air conditioning anymore… I don’t want to head home! I wanna sleep outside instead…


Listener: I’ll listen to a sad song whenever I’m especially angry~

JJY: That’s not bad… At those moments, you should listen to Jung Joon Young’s ‘Missed Call’ or Jung Joon Young’s ‘The Sense of An Ending’, Jung Joon Young’s ‘Spotless Mind’.

HCY, KHY: (Sigh) Yes yes…


Listener: I’m really angry yet I can’t express it openly. What should I do?

HCY: I’ll recommend you to write it out. You might not be as angry as before after writing out what has happened.

JJY: Can we type it out instead?

KHY: That should do as well.

JJY: Then can I write it down on my blog as well? (not sure about this part sorry!)

KHY: It’s up to you! But writing it out would be better.

JJY: Can we use gel pens?

KHY: Yes! (frustrated)

JJY: Should we use the 0.5mm one or the 0.77mm one?

KHY: I need to write down something now. He’s annoying me! Give me a thick pen! I wanna write it thickly! If I’m angry yet I’m not allowed to express it openly, I’m the kind that will buy lots of things.

JJY: Let’s make KHY angry, and then we follow behind him~ All the way to the supermart.


JJY: KHY sshi came to our Live All Night at dawn to sing live. Everyone is full of praises for him (Started to talk about other stuff)

KHY: Is that all the praise you have for me?

JJY: What about it? Or should I send you another dumpling meal?


Translated from: 毛毛桃丶


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