Bnt photo shoot + interview with Jung Joon Young

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‘Born as’ a Rock Star, Jung Joon Young

You came back as ‘Jung Joon Young Band’. How long has it been since (you) were active as a singer?

Ever since I did promotions on ‘Teenager’ in June last year, I wasn’t active as a singer for approximately a year. It’s been a while since my last comeback and appearing as part of a band in public feels good and it’s fluttering.

Meanwhile, we understand that you were involved with activities in various aspects of entertainment and movies. Is there any episode that is memorable till today during the course of those experiences?

I did various activities and the most memorable one turns out to be ‘movie’ somehow. As I took upon the role of ‘Hyo Bong’ in ‘Today’s Love’, it was an unexpected and special experience such that it felt new and impressive. It was also during that precious moment did I meet good people while shooting.

(Personal view) Is Jung Joon Young a singer? Or an actor? Or an entertainer?

Absolutely a singer isn’t it, I’m originally a singer. My full-time job is a singer, and it will be in the future as well.

You seemed to be unapproachable and is one with star quality where your background seems quite different from the others.

It’s unusual. People who know my childhood will probably know, As I moved to different countries a lot in my childhood, it was not easy to adjust and stay in one place for a long period of time. Instead, I am thankful for the various experiences I had as compared to the others. Regarding my identity while doing activities, I do not want to boost my ability of being able to react quickly.

When did you start doing music and what is the reason for specially choosing ‘rock’ genre?

I chanced upon an opportunity to be active in a band during my schooling days. Thereafter, I came to Korea and did performances with friends who were from famous bands on a regular basis. That was basically the start. Rather than choosing ‘rock’, the gigs I did ‘started’ with rock so I naturally did rock.

I caught a glimpse of (your) tattoos and they look charming. Is there any hidden meaning?

The tattoos are added one by one. I engraved a heart and date, lettering and Hedwig tattoo. Previously, I said that ‘the mind of the main role in Hedwig is such and such’ but actually there’s no special meaning. I did it simply because it’s pretty.

Pick the 3 charms that Jung Joon Young has.

‘Honesty’, ‘Careless’, ‘Drinker’. I am ‘a person who is honest, cutely careless, and good at drinking alcohol’.

Not long ago through ‘2 Days 1 Night’ and ‘Byeolbaragi’ you revealed unexpected connections with Lee Jung Hyun and Jang Na Ra in public. Do you have any other hidden personal connections in showbiz?

In terms of unexpected connections, I guess it will be guitarist Shin Dae Chul hyung-nim? I’m not sure… I don’t know well what it means exactly by ‘unexpected’. I tend to get close with people I’m working with in showbiz easily due to my personality.

You revealed that your ideal type is a ‘short-hair woman’ in many interviews previously. Meanwhile, your ideal type might have changed. Can you name one among the national celebs?

If I were to point out my current ideal type, I would want to date with a lovely person like ‘Gemma Ward’. Although that person is already married… (laughs). Actually the question about ideal type is really hard. Everyone might have an ideal type. Ultimately isn’t it based on one’s feeling unknowingly and playing by ear, that sort of thing?

Do you have a personal view or principle in love?

I lean more towards ‘loving beautifully’. Rather than ‘out of ordinary’ or ‘friends-like’ love, I thought of brainwashing the other party into thinking that ‘there is no other man like him in this world’

What do you mostly do on rest days?

Actually my off-days are not many. I certainly can’t drink alcohol at night since I have radio hence I merely eat with friends in daytime. Ah, I will definitely start drinking from 2.30 am onwards without minding the schedule. It’s the only stress reliever from my busy daily life. If I talk about this, there are people who will somewhat worry, but I don’t drink foolishly so don’t be anxious.

Are you active on SNS like Facebook or Instagram, etc?

(SNS) I do it often as compared to before. While doing activities, (SNS) is able to deliver news to many people easily. Above all, fans seem to like it hence I did it with as a form of repayment. But (recalling the word of Sir Ferguson) I don’t post personal thoughts or any form of article that can be an issue.

Your unique fashion sense also seems to be receiving attention. Is there any personal principle for your fashion?

There is no special thing like ‘fashion principle’. My style is basically loose tee with comfortable pants and comfortable footwear. (People) would probably think that it’s unexpected of me to be interested in fashion but I actually am.

Who is (your) wannabe, role model, or favorite artist?

I do not have a role model, but my idol/icon will always be Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. I watched Nirvana’s live stage at age 18 and that was when I felt ‘Ah, this is my thing”.  He is the ‘key person’ who led me to start music.

What will Jung Joon Young be doing 10 years down the road?

For the next 10 years. I don’t know where it will be but I’ll be residing abroad with my daughter, ‘Suzan Mercurio Joon Cheng’ together!

Jung Joon Young is? ooo.

Jung Joon Young is ‘Jung Joon Young’. Jung Joon Young is just Jung Joon Young, my one and only oneself who cannot be easily compared in anywhere else.

A word (you) want to leave for the readers

Amidst the spreading of MERS, it will be good if everyone can stay healthy. Health comes first no matter what. When people give you a ‘good thing’ to eat, take it immediately and hope that this year will end well.

Photo credits: bnt

Translation credits: JJYxDDORAI


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