[TRANS] Jung Joon Young Interview with F.ound June Issue 2015

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The meeting with Jung Joon Young Band leader, Jung Joon Young, who has been an entertainer for 3 years, was an unpredictable one.

# Now, Jung Joon Young Band

It has been 2 years & 6 months since <Superstar K4> has passed. The TOP 3 young rocker who brags about rising up without obstacles has released 2 albums and 5 singles during this period of time. In fact, another new album has emerged again. This time however, he is not doing it alone. With Jo Dae Min (a guitarist from band ‘Vanilla Unity’) , Jung Suk Won (a bassist who was in ‘Fantastic Drugstore’ and ‘Munk’), and Lee Hyun Gyu (a drummer from ‘Munk’), they embarked on a new start together named ‘Jung Joon Young Band’.

Having done band activities and sessions, is there any special reason for the formation of JJY Band?

JJY – Rather than having a special reason, I had wanted to do it since long time ago. Somehow, it is through working solo did I have the thought of forming one someday. I thought that the formation process is going to take five years but it is faster than what I had expected.

How is it? Do you prefer being in a band then?

JJY – It is comfortable, especially during the composition of a song. All of them are laborers, so it is comfortable. (Laughter)

Do you talk about the band’s sensation when the four of you gather?

JJY – We talked about earning lots of money and becoming rich. The hard rock’s color was strong initially. However as we worked on it, we got stuck on garage. Hence, we continued to only make this genre. It might change little by little.

JDM – It seems like the color of the band is seized gradually.

JSW – Somehow, because we do different kinds of music, I think we are at the phase of adjusting continuously.

Looks like you guys are well matched?

JSW – No unmatched stuff has happened just yet.

JDM – The members’ personalities are more on cool side. Arguments and emotional battles are bound to occur within active bands. However, we are already good in compromising. Mediation is also good.

Joon Young is already well-known by the public. The rest of the members might be seen like sidekicks when the band was formed.

JDM – We may seem non-existent initially. However, I think that this thought will be different if we show a better form in the next album. Also, we understand that the vocalist stands out the most in a band. Other than being a great pillar of support for Joon Young, I would want continue activities while writing many songs. Rather than becoming popular, I want to be better in music. I want to do it excitedly.

JSW – A band is made up of several aspects and components hence it is unable to stand-alone. It holds a special meaning since we are all doing it together. For example when the audience come to watch JJY Band’s performances, there might be a possibility that they find the guitarist cool. If he can look cool, so can I. If we want to hear that kind of statement, we have to do our best.

LHG – Same sentiments. Hasn’t it become better, looking at it now?

Please talk about the album that will be released on May, 27th

JSW – It is a hangover concept. Drinking alcohol and playing. Although the MV might portray us like crazy jerks, it holds a raw feeling.

JDM – It is mainly garage but there is a tinge of hard rock.

JJY – All 8 songs stand on the basis of garage rock but among them are 2 songs that are closer to hard rock.

JSW – There are many exciting elements that can be seen at performances.

JJY – There are songs that need to be spruced up at standing still performances but we can’t afford to do so since we are very busy. Our hands and feet have to move fast. Live performances seems fine. Doesn’t people go for performances for the adrenaline rush? We want to achieve a kind of feeling which makes people willing to listen to our songs again after watching our performances.

JDM – Honestly speaking, Joon Young’s past live performances did not look exciting.

JSW – It could be felt that the person upstage is not excited.

For now it looks like it can be done excitedly?

JSW – Yes, we do it excitedly.

JJY – It’s hard.

JDM – It will be good if we can be a team with overflowing energy. We want to create performances that portray a feeling that ‘we are a band’.

We heard that the music production was done in America.

JJY – We did it with Brian Howes, who is now working with Bon Jovi, and had previously produced albums with Chris Daughtry, Nickelback and Simple Plan. He did the producing for the title song in this album. We did the recording in America not that long ago.

How was it?

JJY – While we were smoking outside, we kept saying this: “We are blockheads indeed.” (Laughter) It’s a studio inside a good house, hence the neighbours won’t do anything even though the music is played crazily loud. It felt really free. Another dream that appeared for us when we were there, and that is to buy a house in Las Vegas.

JDM – As we know, people from indie bands are unlikely to have that kind of experience. That accessibility to record in popular producer’s house is a good experience itself. After discharging from army, I worried a lot if I should continue doing music. However, I’m glad that I’m still doing it now. I thought “ Let’s give my best”.

# Again, Jung Joon Young

Jung Joon Young started gaining recognition through public audition programme on TV. Even though he is not labelled as someone who emerged from an audition program, Jung Joon Young seemed to be an entertainer who does well in broadcasts. He is one who remains cool and confident despite meeting someone popular. Moreover, he lives accordingly to his own logic without minding the views of others. The reason Jung Joon Young is able to strive at TV drama, variety, radio and movie boils down to his unchanging shameless self.

Do you like broadcast that are related with music the most?

It’s similar. There’s no significant difference since we can’t do live performances. It’s nothing much hence it is not as fun. We enjoyed doing live performances the most.

Is there no thirst for live stages then?

There is nothing special about it. The broadcaster did it all. (Laughter) However, there are many music broadcasts which allow live performances recently. I hadn’t done any yet.  Now I’m thinking whether we are able to do it.

Your acting also seems entertaining. Compared to the (movie) <Today’s Love> era, your acting skills improved a lot.

It is fun. I should be grateful.

You have been involved in TV drama, entertainment, radio and movie so much, it is as if no aspect has been left uncovered by you. Is it because you are expanding your talent or you did you do it because it is an order by the company?


Are you the type that will do every order from the company?

I try to do. It’s because they don’t ask to do strange things.

Do you personally think that you are good in broadcasts?

No. It’s hard. Talk shows especially are the hardest. I felt sorry towards the writers and PD-nim when I was in <Three Wheels> last week. They thought that I have a lot to talk about and that I am an interesting person. However, I don’t talk other than answering the question. As we know, entertainers on TV tend to add on their opinions to other guests’ talks. However, I really hate cutting in between people while they are talking. Hence I felt really sorry. They are unlikely to anticipate such things, hence little editing almost can be done. Since I did not talk much, all my parts were all aired.

Other than talk show, are the fixed schedules that you are doing also hard?

Those things are not that difficult. Looks like I’m not the type that avoid other people well.

Many broadcasts  can be done steadily. It seems like it is because of the confidence and care-freeness that Joon Young possesses. Where did those come from?

It is probably because I lived overseas for a long time, hence I became like that. I have lived freely since I was a child. I have also wandered around. It seemed like I was influenced to live that way. As we know, we are naïve while having fun at around the age of 10. This however seemed to be still prominent in me.

The greater the recognition, the greater the restrictions. Is it worrisome that your current self might disappear one day?

I am smarter than I thought, because I know very well what kind of words can and cannot be said, hence I don’t worry that much. During the one year anniversary of <2 Days 1 Night>, I was told that my personality changed. Hence, I was lost for a moment. It was probably because I had not been doing music for a while, hence I was faced with an identity crisis. Nonetheless, I returned while preparing for the album.

Do you like being a celebrity because you can live like one?

It’s an occupation for you to earn money. Earning money is acceptable right.

So it is just a job to you.

That’s right. It started out as work. However as I continued on, I didn’t know it would expand this much. I thought I would be in a band. I also don’t know why I’m doing broadcasts for a long time. Seems like they like me.

As we know, it is possible for you not to do it if you are against it.

I did think of quitting in the middle of all these. Also, since there are things I have to do, I can’t quit easily.

Is it not a good thing?

It is a good thing of course. It is also fun.

It seems like there is no fun when doing broadcasts.

There are fun things that happen at times since broadcasts are different. There are some things which I like but there are also some others which I don’t like at times. As we know, we are forced to do stuff that we dislike at times.

You said it yourself that you are a rocker. Do you think that the broadcast activities you are doing now are obstacles that hinder your rocker path?
I don’t have that thought at all. You have to do many broadcasts if you want to be successful in Korea. I will diligently do everything for now. However, I will choose what I wish to do after a certain period has passed.

Public would probably feel the difference between the entertainer and rocker side of you. Thoughts such as “What’s with him?” might surface as a result. Do you mind such thoughts?

Yes. Public don’t listen to my music.

Who listen then?

Young people. The general public do not listen.

As a musician, don’t you want as many people to listen to your songs?

That’s right, but this isn’t really my concern. As for the possible thoughts of “What’s with him” while I’m doing variety, it’s not a wrong thing to do. It seems better if I look cool on stage. I do not even do make up like Marilyn Manson. Instead, I just wear what I want and perform a song comfortably.

What do you think is important in your life?

Alcohol. Money. Woman. Cigarette. Family. Friend.

What is the best moment in your day?

When I’m resting. That’s because I’m so busy I couldn’t really rest recently. The best time is when I head back home after radio knowing that there is no schedule the next day.

What do you do while resting?

I play games. Computer games.

What do you think of yourself?

I think I’m an average Joe.

But people view Joon Young as a special person.

Just because I appear on TV doesn’t make me any different from others. After work, I drink alcohol, play games, go home and then sleep. What should we eat today? Bean-paste stew then. Aren’t we all like that?

Right. How do you want to live in the future?

I want to live while doing many live stages.

You mentioned that you wanted to live as a musician.

Yes. As I have not been active as a singer for too long,  now I have to finish things that had to be done before doing music. I just want to do music but it seemed like I was led astray.

Even it’s far, do you still want to be a person who is doing music?

That’s right. No way would I do another thing.

It is not an easy thing to conclude how a person is after talking for an hour. We talked about that unpredictable character we saw on television, as well as the human him who is not fluent in expressing himself. Maybe it’s a talk that can only be understood by oneself. It might be one where it is not deemed necessary to tell others, but with his unpredictable personality, we might never know the reason. At least it is not just a rocker, or a musician but if one wants to keep living as a fine rocker and a fine musician, the moment a profound and bold self that once surfaced should not be forgotten. Also, this is indeed a necessary moment for me, my friend, and you.

Trans by: JJYxDDORAI

Scans by: catdog_xost


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