[TRANS] Jung Joon Young on Happy Tgt – Lee Seung Chul is not my teacher, Moon Chae Won is.


Lee Seung Chul first introduced Jung Joon Young as a SSK contestant who has the most tricks up his sleeves. To prove this, Jung Joon Young did not present the carnation straight to LSC but instead directly pinned it on his shirt, causing much laughter among the cast. LSC further said that he was shocked when he received the programme’s invitation because he only met JJY once every 3 years. JJY added that when he heard of the theme ‘Teacher and Discipline’, he thought that he would be appearing with Moon Chae Won. She is his acting teacher who used to grab his arm in order to practice acting. However, he disclosed that the skinship was very much helpful while learning to act, revealing his yearning for Moon Chae Won. LSC also laughed, saying that MCW’s presence would be better here.

Article source: here

Trans from: jjyhkfc

Trans by: JJYxDDORAI


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