[TRANS] 150523 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa convo cuts


JJY: In actual fact, I do know Quincy Jones.

Daybreak: You know Quincy Jones personally?

JJY: Yes, I once went to a birthday party which he organised. Our company was invited. What happened then~ I was drinking at that time. He said his daughter would like to dance with me. As you know, the after parties in America are usually very classy. The scale is completely different, where they were even auctioning Slash’s guitar. Just when I was drinking and having fun in this classy event, his daughter seemed to have shown interest in me~ He asked if I could dance with his daughter~ I said sure~. In my mind I was thinking “This is a once-in-a-lifetime-chance! I should just live in Las Vegas! I’m not going back anymore!” When I went over, the person who greeted me was a grandma.

Daybreak: Ah~ Quincy Jones was born in 1933. His daughter’s age would be around 50-60 years old. You should have danced with the granddaughter instead. Hahahaha

JJY: Although 50-60 years old need not be called grandma, I was really in a shock at that point in time.


JJY: I would usually sing ‘Love Two’ if I were to sing in weddings. I don’t know why but I kind of like the song lyrics~

Initially I thought we were just friends

But we suddenly became lovers~

When I see you, I seem to have found another me

I like this part of the lyrics. People usually like it when I sing this song. It also seemed like they would give me more money… Hahaha I’m just joking~ I don’t take the money.

PD: What about me what about me!

JJY: Why is our PD always showing me gestures? You have to date first!  Once you have a girlfriend, I will sing 100 songs for you in KTV! But you need to have a girlfriend first! You haven’t even had a girlfriend yet always asking me to sing ‘Love Two’ in your wedding. I want to sing my own song! If not, I’ll sing ‘Becoming Dust’ or ‘Sense of an Ending’ or ‘Spotless Mind’


Daybreak reading off a message: Hello, I run a fried chicken shop.

JJY: go gi o ~~~~

Translated from: 毛毛桃那么多的流量第一次用完了


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