[TRANS] 150104 Jung Joon Young blog update – Steamed Crab + Crab Shell Rice


 Today’s post is

 just steamed crab


I cooked it because it is very easy

 Just look at the visuals..ㅠㅠ


ginger + green onion (scallion) + miso with pepper to boil in water

 I was told miso (bean paste) takes out the fishy smell ㅎ haha


I bought a female crab packed with eggs at the supermarket

put the crab turned over (as above photo)

 Close the lid and wait for about 15minutes

(The water should have boiled by then)




Quickly pullout the bottom half of the crab

Because my hands got dirty after splitting the crab

I was not able to take a photo..


take the shell…put some rice and perilla oil in it

mix and eat… done ㅎㅎ haha


Translation credit: http://juni0602.wordpress.com/

Images credits: http://blog.naver.com/poketchu


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