Jung Joon Young’s Milestones in 2014

2014 was yet another busy year for Jung Joon Young ever since he made his first unforgettable rocker debut in 2012 through SuperStar K4. Besides taking his musician path to another level, Jung Joon Young has made himself a name in other aspects as well.


For the first time ever, Jung Joon Young took part in a drama OST. He released ‘I’m Nobody’ for Pretty Man OST which topped Bugs and Mnet Chart within its first five days of release. He was later invited as a guest performer for the drama concert in Japan in July.



Jung Joon Young became one of M!Countdown’s main MC alongside Ahn Jae Hyun which lasted till Nov. On their last broadcast, the production crew prepared a hidden camera specially for the MCs. Check it out the epic event here!



Together with Younha, the two vocalists joined hands  and released a duet song titled ‘Just The Way You Are’. This healing song topped several music charts ranging from Mnet, Bugs to Olleh Music and was recently ranked 35th in allkpop top 50 MVs in 2014!



After approximately 8 months, rocker Young is back with his self-produced 2nd mini album, Teenager! Although alternative rock is not a very well-established music genre in Korea, the album still ranked third on Gaon Album Chart in its first week of release. There is also a Teenager mural painted along the streets of Hongdae!

tumblr_inline_nd13ou4Yzi1smff8iWe’re glad that Jung Joon Young is able to do the genre of music which he is so passionate about :>


Jung Joon Young took over Super Junior Shindong as ShimShimTaPa DJ!  From passionate singing to witty DJ-ing, our DJ Young is still going strong~


Jung Joon Young made his appearance in KCON in United States, LA as one of the hosts and a performer. He rocked the stage with  his title track Teenager and his own rendition of ‘Black & White’ by Michael Jackson.

He also started filming Today’s Love alongside Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won, in which the film will be released later this month. Hopefully it will all be released in our respective countries!



Jung Joon Young took his MC skills to another level where hosted Style Icons Awards 2014 with model Jang Yoon Ju.

October 10 also marked JJY’s 1st year since his official debut! His official fancafe also held a small event on FB where they disclosed unreleased photos of him. We also attempted to start a twitter trend with other overseas fancafes and though we didn’t make it to the trending list, let’s try again this year shall we!

Not long after his 1 year official debut, JY also made his Instagram account public for the first time so yay for fans!


Rock n rollrnr1

Rock n rollrnr2And more Rock  n roll

Jung Joon Young is truly a rocker down to his bones!


Our rocker finally embarked on his first solo tour in China! He stopped by 3 tour stops namely Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, I’m sure the audience had a blast from JJY’s strong and husky vocals.

005yGSdagw1emk25pw5qng309g09ekjoNot to even mention his way of communicating in Chinese.


Jung Joon Young took part in releasing a drama OST for the 2nd time in a year. Same place, a song in Modern Farmer OST was released in early Dec.

Jung Joon Young also displayed his influential skills where he managed to become an endorser for Blade & Soul 10 days after he mentioned that he was a user in the game! Besides a promotional video, he also sang Blade & Soul theme song titled ‘Showtime’ which was released in mid Dec.

3745430583_46e819bc_3689978440_225d80a7_2950631934_e8363466_IMG_4234Oh yeah~

Attending MAMA as an awardee this year, Jung Joon Young won ‘Style In Music’ award in which he gave his unforgettable acceptance speech of “ Rock n Roll~~~”

tumblr_ng34bbSsIP1tlp3mfo5_400At the end of the month, JJY was nominated for Rookie Award for KBS Entertainment Awards but won the ‘Best Entertainer’ award alongside Hyung Don instead. JJY sure is an asset to the entertainment world!


005PTjIyjw1emsncy59ljg30b40674qqI mean like who can resist such charm right?

Not me. I died.

2950634044_c099e8be_IMG_41832015 will be an even exciting year ahead for both Jung Joon Young and his fans so stay tune and get ready to rock n roll with rocker Young~

* All gifs and images do not belong to us.


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