141226 Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa

simsim79141228055909sstp0 simsim79141228060036sstp0 simsim79141228060113sstp0web_3745425767_82d3ebfa_kvLNghl web_3745425767_872ae89d_ByVRXomDSC_1001_2 DSC_1024_2DSC_1126- DSC_1153_2 DSC_1200_3 DSC_1204- DSC_1290- DSC_1407_3 DSC_1492_1- DSC_1586- DSC_1606- DSC_1861- DSC_1959_2 DSC_2086_2 DSC_2157- DSC_2524_3 DSC_2533_2 DSC_2611-credits: MBC Radio, others as stated on images


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