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IMG_20141216_111734 IMG_20141216_111735 IMG_20141215_224705 IMG_20141216_111732Born with star quality, Jung Joon Young

Writer is able to witness Jung Joon Young’s true demeanour through Demo Live Tour in Shanghai. From interesting conversations to his ND ( meaning to say he is infinitely more than 4D) train of thoughts, he captured all the medias’ attention. We can only say that Jung Joon Young is indeed a ‘celebrity born with talent’!

In November, Jung Joon Young had his very own 3 stops tour in China. As he wrapped up the final stop at Shanghai, writer got the opportunity to personally witness Jung Joon Young’s ‘ddorai’ side, where it seems like 4D and 16D aren’t enough to portray his weird thoughts. At the press conference before his Shanghai concert, celebrities generally learn greetings along the lines of “Hello everyone, I am XX” etc. However, Jung Joon Young’s “Hi there, what you looking at” (informal speech) and other Shanghai speech/words caused bursts of laughter among all the media present. From his usual speech to his tone and variety skills, Jung Joon Young’s appearance makes everyone hard to deny that he is a ‘celebrity born with talent’.

Q: Did you come to Shanghai prior to this concert? What is your impression of Shanghai?

JJY: This is my third time in Shanghai. The first time I came here was a holiday trip with my family. The second time was for filming and the third is for my own LIVE concert hence I’m exceptionally happy.

Q: Recently in ‘We Got Married’, Kim So Eun & Song Jae Rim’s bold skinship was under the limelight. There isn’t much development in terms of skinship for you and Jung Yoo Mi before you two left the show. Do you feel regretful?

JJY: Nope! I don’t feel regretful.

Q: Do you see yourself as a bad guy style when it comes to dating?

JJY: It depends I guess! The way I treat someone depends on the personality of the other party, it seems like I treat everyone in a different way. Actually I’m really gentle, just like milk (laughs)

Q: You used to attend school in Qingdao, are there any interesting memories?

JJY: I didn’t know Qingdao beer is such a powerful thing when I resided in Qingdao back then. It was only when I left for somewhere else did I realise that stores everywhere had Qingdao beer in their fridges. Wow! So it’s this powerful.

Q: You often post the food you made on your blog, but your food is also often criticised on TV shows. Where do you think you stand in terms of your cooking skills?

JJY: I really love food. This caused me to make my own food gradually, I think I’m doing really well.

Q: What is the reason behind your new haircut?

JJY: It’s because of a movie filming.

Q: Are you confident with your acting skills?

JJY: How should I put this, I feel that acting is an opportunity to find out who you are, but I hope that everyone should tone down their anticipation. Because the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment, I hope that everyone will not experience such disappointment. In any case, please watch for my acting skills naturally.

Images credits as seen on images

Translation credit: JJYxDDORAI


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