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“4D Prince” Jung Joon Young is a ddorai (screwball) in variety shows but is a handsome rocker when it comes to singing. For someone who is about to hold his first tour in China, what are his thoughts about it? Read on to find out more!

Q: You’ll be holding 3 concerts in China during Nov. What are your thoughts about this?

JJY: I feel really good about it and thinks that the idea is very fresh, probably because I used to live in China for a period of time.

Q: Are there any special preparations for your performances this time round?

JJY: Recently I’m busy preparing my new album but is also through this process do I get to try out various music styles. Hence I would like to use this opportunity to let everyone hear different music styles which they have never heard before.

Q: There are quite a lot of Korean celebrities who came to China to participate in acting or variety shows recently. Do you have any plans of doing so?

JJY: I think I only have the stage in mind, regardless its location. I do hope that I have events and performances in China as well. Moreover, I do not go to China often but I am warmly welcomed by fans everytime I go there so I’m really thankful to them. I’ll work hard to find more opportunities to head to China.

Q: You previously mentioned that you love Wa Ha Ha (a brand) Babaozhou (sweet rice porridge stuffed with dates, lotus seeds and other fruits) and Iced red tea from China. Actually all these food are memories of the 80s. Do you have any memory of Chinese food during your stay in China when you were young?

JJY: Food that brings back memory!! I’m also 20 plus years old so I’ll include those 2 foods. Say I were to add another one? Spicy hot pot?

Q: You seem to know China’s social media language fairly well. Do you monitor these trends? What are some of the phrases you learnt recently?

JJY: I visit China’s social media sites occasionally but I’m not very sure with the language used ^^

Q: The impression Jung Joon Young gave everyone seemed to show that you have a free-spirited and 4D personality. Are there any moments which pressured you personally?

JJY: Of course I do feel pressured. For example when I encounter a problem? I tend to feel stressed at times like these. This is especially so when it is work-related. If I encountered problems during the process, I’ll be really stressed about it. However there isn’t much stress generally if problems arise if I’m working on music. Because I’m happy whenever I make music.

Q: What are some of your methods to relief stress? Care to share with us?

JJY: How should I put this. If I were stressed, my first thought would be how to solve the problem, and that the rest shall leave it till later. I’ll then scream for a moment, before I try my best to forget it or focus all my thoughts on playing games.

Q: You can be considered as triple talent in Korea as you’re greatly involved in variety, MC and fashion programs. Are there any other areas which you would like to challenge in?

JJY: Actually I feel burdened by the word ‘hallyu wave’. That’s because I don’t think I can match up to all the Korean celebrities. I do not have any thoughts on embarking challenges in other areas but would rather focus on the things I want to achieve now. Also, I wish to branch out my music such that it can resonate with everyone.

Q: It is said that pisces guys know ladies’ hearts best. In ‘We Got Married’, you seemed to be more of a ‘push-and-pull expert’, do you think you are an expert in love?

JJY: To be honest I don’t think I am. The way I love someone is “although there are many choices, once I chose to dig a particular well, I will stay true to it, whether or not it has water in it.” (meaning to say anything else doesn’t matter, and only stay true to one)

Q: As you progresses, do you have any goals or dreams for your career?

JJY: I love to go fishing so I wish to go fishing in an ocean and catch a big tuna fish.

Q: Lastly, say something to your China fans and 《Easy》 readers!

JJY: Hello everyone, the weather has become cold lately, be careful not to catch a cold! Eat more pumpkin as I heard that it’s good for your health. Hopefully our dreams will all come true in the upcoming new year!

Images credits as seen on images

Translation credit: JJYxDDORAI


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