[TRANS] 141208 Jung Joon Young blog update – shenzhen :D ( live tour )


From Beijing

then I came to Shenzhen

This is the south

Hong Kong and Macau is an hour away

very warm and

the palm trees are impressive


The weather is very good ㅎ


A staff sent me a photo that has spread

with friends who welcomed me at the airport ㅎ


Arrived at our accommodations!

Well, we have to go for rehearsal as soon as we arrived.

I am tired but

I’m very thankful.. ㅠㅎ


The toilet here is also nice


I cannot remember the name of the hotel but

I liked it



Going to the concert hall now

Shall we get going?


I did a lot of rehearsals yesterday

So I just did a brief “sound check”


Today’s place looks like this

The offer was by a great man

I liked it.

Standing was also fun


I can’t really work leisurely if not for the staffs and friends



After performing hard


Ocean Park? That place is called “Seorabeol”

We ate at a Korean restaurant and since we have to prepare for Shanghai tomorrow

I slept early…


I did not take photos because it was Korean food…ㅎㅎ

Why did I not take photos (?) ㅠㅠ

Have to quickly go to sleep and try the taste of  Shanghai

Translation credit: http://juni0602.wordpress.com/

Images credit: http://blog.naver.com/poketchu

Text edited by: JJYxDDORAI


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