Jung Joon Young Interview with 《音乐风云榜》 [ENG]

JJY: Hi 《音乐风云榜》, I am Jung Joon Young.

Reporter: Why is China your first stop for your overseas tour?

JJY: Because the company arranged it to be so.

(Caption: Is it okay if you say that? Kkk)

Reporter: What is the most interesting or entertaining thing you’ve done?

JJY: I like to joke around and I’ll crack jokes everyday regardless of where I go. Because I’m like that everyday, my days are spent happily.

(Caption: Are you sure your answer corresponds to my question?)

JJY: Do you know that ‘You who came from the stars’ is a revised version of my life?

(Caption: Do professor = me)

Reporter: Why is it so?

JJY: Because I’m also from another planet.

Reporter: Why do you think you’re from another planet?

JJY: It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

(Caption: Mischievous kid, did you think noona is a greenhorn in this field? Kkk)

JJY: In a recent MCD broadcast, Ahn Jae Hyun forgot his mike so we ended up sharing one.

(Transits to VCR)

(Caption: The truth is… Jung Joon Young didn’t even give Ahn Jae Hyun a chance to talk)

(VCR shows Ahn Jae Hyun hitting Jung Joon Young after broadcast kkk)

(Transits back to interview)

JJY: I’m not sure why I did that as well… I guess I’m the kind who do what I feel like.

JJY: I once lived in China for five years so there are bound to have some memorable memories and I love the cuisine in China. This is also partly the reason why I came to China for a tour.

JJY: Chicken heart, mutton kebab, spicy hotpot, steamboat, I like them all.

JJY: To have a meal in China, you need to know some basics. “How much is it?” “Too expensive!”

JJY: My music style is not the bubbly kind, so my funny personality and my music do not cross paths.

(Transits to VCR where Jung Joon Young changed the lyrics “saranghae” to “I love you” in Chinese during the song I’m nobody)

JJY: I listened to rock often when I was young, which triggered my love towards rock music, and I thought that I must become a rock singer since my schooling days.

JJY: The rock singer I look up to is Kurt Corbin.

Video interview here


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