[TUTORIAL] Voting for Jung Joon Young in 2014 Seoul Music Awards

We understand it’s really difficult for non-koreans to vote in Seoul Music Awards. Hopefully this tutorial helps (:

1) Go to Play Store and search ‘Seoul Music Awards’. Download this application.

app store


Step 2: Open the app and click on any thumbsup icon at the far right beside Jung Joon Young. A pop-up like this will appear.



Step 3: Click on the yellow button highlighted red. It will bring you to a new window.



Step 4: This is the login page but if you don’t have an account, click on the blue button highlighted red to sign up.


Step 5: These are the terms and conditions I suppose. Tick both boxes highlighted red before clicking the yellow button. You will then be directed to the next page where you fill up your particulars.


Step 6: Here are the particulars you need to fill up. I suppose you only need to fill up the particulars with asterisks on it. In chronological order:




Retype password:

And you’re done setting up your account!

In order to vote through the app, you will need “coins” which you can get by downloading applications. However not all applications are not available outside of Korea so you gotta play around and see which apps are available for download with respect to your country.

Step 7: To start collecting coins, go back to the main page of the application and click on the cart icon as shown highlighted in red.



Step 8: You will the be directed to this page where you can trial and error to see which apps are available for download in your country.



Step 9: After you have finished downloading, head back to the main page and click on the thumbsup icon( far right) beside Jung Joon Young’s name.

Step 10: You will then see a pop-up. Click on the button highlighted in red as shown.


Step 11: You will then arrive at the voting page.  (Note: You have to open the apps you have downloaded else your “coins” will not increase!) Select the number of times you want to vote in the dropdown box.  Each vote = 50 coins.

Step 12: A new pop up will appear when you try to submit your votes. Click the button highlighted in red.


Step 13: Go back to the main page and click on the thumbsup icon beside Jung Joon young. There’ll be a string of text displayed but no pop-up shown. This shows that you have successfully voted! The page below shows the number of times you have voted of Jung Joon Young.


And you’re done!

Jung Joon Young is nominated under:

1) The Reward

2) Popularity award

3) Hallyu Wave Special Award

Voting period:141127- 150120

Have fun voting and kindly credit us ( JJYxDDORAI) if you were to re-upload.

All screenshots and instructions credits: JJYxDDORAI


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