Jung Joon Young Demo Live Tour Interview with 《音悦V榜》 [ENG]

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Teenager mini album

JJY: During the 2nd mini album, my friends’ computers caught fire so their money all flew over. Ah I mean flew away, all their money flew away. It’s my friends’ money, not my money so it’s doesn’t really concern me.

JJY: I like both my albums. They’re awesome.

Transits to VCR which JJY said: It’s my first time seeing this album. It seems mediocre, isn’t it too childish?

Voiceover: Starting from 2nd album, all of the songs were co-produced by Jung Joon Young. Composition inspirations for the straightforward Jung Joon Young actually stems from simple things.

JJY: Whenever I’m in the car heading to somewhere, I’ll look out of the window and start thinking. If the thoughts run well, I’ll use my mobile phone to record.

Question: Are there any other methods?

JJY: – smirks-

Transits to VCR which JJY said: I used to write a song when I was pooping, hence I didn’t come out from the washroom for a long time. In the washroom where people shower and do their business is actually a good place for me to organize my thoughts, be it stuff that happened on that day or purely imagination based. That’s when I have most inspirations.

Voiceover: This year is an extremely busy year for Jung Joon Young. Besides the release of his 2nd mini album, he is an MC in one of the hottest music programs, MCD ( which he had already stepped down) a member in 2D1N, and starred in Fashion King Korea S2. Recently he has also participated in the filming of a movie, Today’s Love, where he collaborated with Lee Seung Gi and other reputable actors.

JJY: I think acting is a beautiful challenge. It is also interesting and fun. This is my first time embarking on this challenge. Ah, I mean charismatic challenge, not beautiful!

Voiceover: However, Jung Joon Young’s first reaction at the mention of ‘acting’ doesn’t seem to show that it’s fun.

JJY: -Sigh- ( he then showed some weird body language). There is a need for me to memorize the script but I’m not very smart at that so I forget my lines everyday! Whenever I’m not at the filming site, I read and memorize repetitively.

Voiceover: Having officially debuted for slightly over a year, Jung Joon Young already had a taste of different acting roles be it variety shows or films. Which aspect suits him the best then?

JJY: Performing suits me the best, but variety suits me well too. 1st place is being a singer, 2nd place is being a composer while 3rd place goes to variety shows.

Voiceover: Besides Jung Joon Young’s individuality in his rocker stance, fans love his 4D personality as well, for it often brings unexpected surprises. For example, who else will introduce someone they admire the same way as Jung Joon Young?

JJY: I want to become someone like Kurt Cobain but he died at 27 years old, which is my age now. I can’t let that happen to me.

Voiceover: The main reason which aspired Jung Joon Young to embark on a rocker’s path is because of Kurt Cobain’s (main vocalist in a 90s rock band Nirvana) influence. However, the reason which he like Kurt Cobin is unexpected as well!

Transits to VCR which JJY said: I saw Nirvana live on MTV’s Unplugged when I was 18 and Kurt Cobain cursed in it. That was so cool. Once I heard it, I knew I should make that mine.

Video games

JJY: I play video games whenever I can, be it RPG or fighter games

Enjoying life

JJY: In Beijing? I’m not sure of any fun places in Beijing. The Great Wall of China is too long. If I were to go there, I wouldn’t have make it back for Shenzhen’s concert. I don’t like shopping. I want to go Wangfujing ( He later found out that it is a shopping street in Beijing.) Oh then I’m not going there anymore. I heard that Wangfujing was the most fun place in Beijing 10 years ago, is it not the case now? Then where should I go? Shangri-la Country? (Tibetan county in northwestern Yunnan province) Oh I went Yunnan yesterday to get mutton kebabs.

He was then asked if he has heard of Sanlitun, a place with lots of bars.

JJY: -calling out to his bandmates- let’s go Sanlitun today since today is Friday. Is it far from here? ( It turns out that it’s a 30 mins journey) Oh, maybe I won’t be heading to Sanlitun today anymore. Hahaha

Random usage of language

JJY: Sometimes I do need translations. ( He then started sprouting random words like “loud noises”, “Ah~~”, “average”.) This is my type of Chinese. Can you understand what I just said? ( Interviewer nodded her head) That’s good then hahaha.

To my fans

JJY: Although my concert in China only lasts for 3 days, I hope to make good memories with my China fans and I hope to participate in more activities in China next time. Thank you!

GIF credits: 奴那是我的女人 weibo

Translation credit: JJYxDDORAI

The video interview ( starts at 07:47) can be found here.


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