Jung Joon Young Demo Live Tour Interview with Tudou music prog 《Shining Star》[ENG]

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Interviewer: Throughout your 3-day concert, how do you maintain your passion and vibe on stage?

JJY: Qingdao beer helps to keep me active on stage.

Interviewer: As a performer yourself, what kind of reaction do you wish to receive from the audience?

JJY: I hope the audience can jump around for up-tempo songs and cry for mellower songs.

Interviewer: What plans do you have after this concert?

JJY: Oh there isn’t any hahaha

Interviewer: What is most memorable to you throughout the time you’ve stayed in Qingdao?

JJY: Hmm, what’s there… I have memories in every part of Qingdao, hence everything is memorable to me.

Interviewer: Why makes you want to do rock music and what are your takeaways from rock music?

JJY: I started doing rock music initially because I think it’s really cool, but it ended up as my career eventually. I looked through many videos and images and felt that they all look really cool.

Interviewer: Do you know Ahn Jae Hyun before MCD? What is your impression of him having worked together for some time?

JJY: No I do not, the first time I saw Ahn Jae Hyun is on MCD. He loves to joke around. It seems like he is involved in filming the China version of 2D1N. Yeah, he’s in the China version while I’m in the Korean version.

Fan question 1: What are your thoughts of your new hairstyle?

JJY: I regret it a lot, because I look like a monkey! It seemed really good initially but it started looking weird as the hair length grew longer.

Fan question 2: You have co-produced your album, so do you get your inspirations from?

JJY: When I’m in the car.

Fan question 3: If you’re not a singer, what will be your career?

JJY: Pro-gamer! Hahaha

Fan question 4: What does your new tattoo mean?

JJY: It is the date I started doing music.

Fan question 5: Will you hold an album autograph session in China?

JJY: Yes I do wish to, but I’m not sure how to go about it.

Fan question 6: Do you have any words for your China fans?

JJY: Winter is approaching. So please keep yourself warm and do not catch a flu. China is really big and has various regions so every place seems to have different weather. People staying in the north please be careful not to catch a cold, same goes for the people staying the south. People in the east must be cautious as well, and I’m not very sure about the west side. Thank you.

Screencaps credits: littletwo____

Translation credits: JJYxDDORAI

The video interview can be found here


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