Jung Joon Young ShimShimTaPa revised corners


1) What are you doing awake? -> Real-time Inquiries and mini messages

2) Good Rock for Good Night -> DJ Jung Joon Young’s Rock Selection

3) We start tomorrow -> Today’s diary and the promises at the end of the day that you will start to do tomorrow


MON – Jung Joon Young’s Show -> Everyday with a different content and listener

TUE – Disease Concerns -> with musical actor Kim Hoyeong & Nine Muses Hyuna with 3 people suggesting solutions for the listeners’ various situations and problems

WED – Did you do your homework? -> (for libraries) From students, part timers, until full time workers…Time for us to see what sort of assignments are given to us

THU – Live Campfire -> with Royal Pirates Billy Acoustic, Eddie Kim – One these and live net (video) / Proceed to the Garden Studio

FRI – Jung Joon Young have Something to say -> DJ stories or convey your messages, song requests and phone calls

SAT – Jung Joon Young Plan: Rookie VS Rookie -> With Jisuk of Rainbow- Rookies to show their skills live/ various talk show down

SUN – CD Boy -> with Bae Suntak – New Release Music reviews

Translations cr: SuperJni


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