Jung Joon Young in Shenzhen Daily News [ENG]


Shenzhen Daily News was present at 2014 Demo Live Tour with Jung Joon Young, held at Shenzhen A8 music building A8Live, where nearing a thousand fans chanted “ Jun Young oppa” as one. Prior to the concert, “Joon Young oppa” chose Mayday as the Chinese rock band he wants to collaborate with but was clueless who Cui Jian and Wang Feng (both are legendary Chinese rock musicians) are.

The 800 metres queue of a nearing thousand fans

Having debuted for a year plus, Jung Joon Young is chosen as the most potentially strong and handsome rocker by the Korean media. Arriving at Shenzhen after his Beijing performance, this “rock god” was welcomed by the cheers of nearing a thousand fervent fans.

The organiser, Demo Live Music House, disclosed that Shenzhen’s concert venue will be all-standing pits in order for more fans to experience Jung Joon Young’s rock spirit. Although the concert starts at 8pm, there were tons of fans queuing up since 6am, hoping to inch a little closer to Jung Joon Young’s stage. The 800m queue was even extended out of A8 music building.

 Jung Joon Young’s 4D personality before the performance

Because of his father’s job, “ Joon Young oppa” stayed in China for 5 years and studied in Qingdao High School for half a semester. The homeroom teacher who was interviewed said that Jung Joon Young was once caught bringing a group of friends to an internet café and was even caught eating during class. Jung Joon Young admitted, saying: “ Yes that’s right, I still remember those incidents.” It is widely known that the popular singers in Korea are mostly K-pop idol groups and K-rock is planted at an awkward level of popularity. It is even so when idols pursue rock music. However Jung Joon Young said: ” I am not an idol but I can’t help it if others view me as one. Right now, I only yearn to play rock music sincerely.” He further disclosed that the band he wants to collaborate is Mayday but was clueless of Cui Jian, Wang Feng and more Chinese reputable rock musicians.

Jung Joon Young also ranked music as first, followed by games and finally variety in third place. When asked about the ranking of love to him, Jung Joon Young shyly replied: “When the time comes, I guess it will be ranked third. But reputation and money must be ranked in as well!”

Invitation of a fan upstage for a duet

During the Beijing stop, stubborn “Joon Young oppa” insisted on wearing sunglasses and beanie while performing, reason being his new haircut made him looked like a monkey. However when he arrived in Shenzhen, there wasn’t a single trace of shades and beanie and his haircut was apparently something to die for.

Before the Shenzhen’s performance, the MC specifically requested everyone not to throw food on stage ( a Beijing fan directly threw a packet of sunflower seeds upstage since Jung Joon Young loves eating it), and that they can pass it to the staff instead. This led to echoes of laughter throughout the venue. Not only did Jung Joon Young sang nearing 20 songs throughout the 2 hr concert, he also used Chinese language to communicate with fans occasionally. “Hi everyone, I’m Jung Joon Young” is child’s play to him, as he further chatted about Shenzhen’s weather with the crowd.

Jung Joon Young said: ” Has Shenzhen’s weather always been this good? Is there only summer and no winter here?” After the fans replied ” Yes!” in korean, He then joked: “It is actually quite fun doing this.” When Jung Joon Young invited a fan upstage to sing a duet with him, the translator translated his words into “interesting segment”. Jung Joon Young immediately corrected: “Did I say the word interesting? Hahaha! (the translator then changed it to the word special) Yes, this is now correct!”

 original text credit: http://dtzbd.sznews.com/html/2014-11/17/content_3064701.htm


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