Sohukorea Interview [ENG]



Q: Why did you choose China as the venue for your concert tour?

JJY: Yea… why did we start off with China first? Well firstly, one preparation led to another and somehow China became the first location for the concert. There is no particular reason, since I’ll be going on a tour anyway. China is an appropriate concert venue, in terms of timing and language of communication. However overall, the suitability of timing is largely the reason for a tour in China.

Q: Are there any surprises your China fans can anticipate during your concert?

JJY: When it comes to being on stage, of course it’s all about singing. What else is there for me to perform?

Q: Having stayed in China for quite some time how is your Chinese language?

JJY: That’s right I am able to speak Chinese. Hello, I am Jung Joon Young ( in Chinese)

Reporter: Your articulation is good!

JJY: (continues in Chinese) Hello, I like beer. Tsingtao (a beer brand), Tsingtao. I like Tsingtao.

Reporter: Do you like Tsingtao beer?

JJY: (continues in Chinese) Yes, because I stay in Qingdao (a province in China) hence I like Tsingtao beer. (Apparently Tsingtao beer is produced in Qingdao itself)

Q: As a power blogger, how would you judge your own cooking skills?

JJY: Although I have yet to try cooking the Chinese dishes you mentioned, if it’s regarding skills, let’s see where my level is… You can say it’s the level of a chef.

Q: Is there any Chinese dishes you want to eat since you’re here in China to perform?

JJY: Hmm… Steamboat that’s it. Steamboat and spicy hot pot. There are not a lot of places selling spicy hot pot. In fact places which sell steamboat often do not sell spicy hot pot, so I probably will not be able to eat steamboat if I were to go for spicy hot pot. This is such a dilemma. There’ll be packed lunch at the concert venue so I can only eat spicy hot pot for dinner instead and places which usually sell steamboat and kebab do not sell spicy hot pot at all.

Q: Is <Teenager> a satisfying album personally?

JJY: Yes, it’s actually not bad. I would like to sing those songs for everyone at my concert.

Q: Have your stay in various countries aid you in terms of composing music?

JJY: I’m not sure; they are probably of some help I guess.

Q: Your appearance in <2 Days 1 Night> are loved by many. Do you feel a rise in popularity?

JJY: Actually I do not feel much about it, how far can this popularity remain? Suddenly I have such thoughts.

Q: What is your favourite self composition in your latest album?

JJY: There are a lot actually, all of which are pretty good such as “친구” (Friends). I’ll pick “친구” (Friends) then.

Q: How will you rank music and gaming in your life?

JJY: Both are on similar levels. Yea, they are about the same. In fact I don’t game often though.

Q: Kim Gura has constantly praised you in a variety show (probably Radio Star). What are your views about it?

JJY: I have never thought about this because it’s not within my concern. Everyone’s views are different I guess and that seems like Gura hyung’s opinion. People in the entertainment industry may have opposing views about me but I don’t really mind.

Q: Having manifesting your acting skills in a recent movie (probably Today’s Love), are there any future acting plans?

JJY: It is a chance for the genius me in discovering another side of myself. Please don’t ever anticipate my acting, don’t ever anticipate I repeat. Actually whether there is anticipation or not, I think the results is pretty much the same. In any case, it doesn’t really matter.

Q: Is flip flops part of Jung Joon Young’s sense of perfect fashion?

JJY: It’s not like that actually; I just wear what’s comfortable. As long as I don’t look like a fool that’s fine.

Q: Please do a slight promotion of your concert through Sohukorea.

JJY: As far as I know, audience in the seated area will not be able to stand during the concert, but fortunately at least there is a standing pit. In any case, everyone please come to my concert. Neither is ticket pricing nor your sincerity exceptionally expensive so please come! Because there will be a special guest I’ll be collaborating with. As to who it is, I will not reveal because there beholds a possibility of no special guest as well. If there really is none, I guess my manager will be my special guest then.

Translated by jjyxddorai


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