THE CELEBRITY Magazine Nov Issue [ENG]

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Oct 10th was the 1st anniversary of your debut. Is it a huge thing for Jung Joon Young?:

It was the 1st anniversary of releasing the official album, but I had been active before that. The length of the time is not important. What you have done is the important thing.

If you say what you have done is more important, it’s true that JJY has done a lot. You have been the MC who calls singers onto the stage; you sang songs on that stage and even rolled on the grass to play games in entertainment programmes.

Maybe I have done all those with a ‘rookie attitude’ but actually my energy is short. At the beginning I have done every role suggested but it’s not easy to digest all the programs at the same time. These days I am starting to think of concentrating on one thing. However the experiences gave me the chance to figure out how I can do those things.

Is JJY 4D or Outsider?

I was in many entertainment programs like <WGM> and reality programme, <Be Stupid>which represents myself, <Fashion King Korea> and <1Night 2Day>. I think those are the images I got after doing these programs. They say that is not a positive one, but I think it’s not that bad.

 Is it not important for you with what people say?

I can’t be totally free, but I think there is nothing I can do about it. I didn’t mean to show special aspect of me. Instead, I just do what I want to do; and do what I can. If these are the images people have of me, maybe the reason is that because of the aspects I manifested.

But broadcasting often twist the imageof people. There are always ‘editing’ and ‘transforming of character’. Most of entertainers seem to have a lot to say about it.

I don’t feel unfair about it since I am not the type of person who likes to chew on old memories. There is no point crying over split milk . I think that we should move on, whether or not those memories are good or bad.

Don’t you think the entertainment programs give you the ‘money and honor’? People might hesitate to acknowledge  you as a ‘rocker’ because you were in so many entertainment programmes.

It is not true that I am not writing the songs because of my appearances on entertainment programmes, I don’t understand why they stereotype entertainers as musicians with a lack of talent. I have seen people who had shown surprise when I was on the stage. They don’t expect me to do music seriously but maybe I can show them better music than what they expected. Do I look like punk?

Haha. It’s true that entertainment world is odd in that sense. We have met celebrities who asked us to ‘cut these out’ but we haven’t met an entertainer who asked us to ‘please don’t cut and add more’.

Shouldn’t I do that? Go ahead and mention that I am straightforward with the things I am not in favour of.

Jung Joon Young always speaks his without any filtering. Frankly it’s confusing if you are arrogant or straightforward.

It may be tiring for celebrities to say what they want, especially in the entertainment world where gossips are a common sight. But I am not arrogant, instead I an straightforward such that I don’t bother decorating myself being pretty or sincere. I don’t look down on others or be arrogant because I don’t think I am entitled to that.

 But you can be egoistic in music. I heard that you are planning a new album. What are your thoughts about it? 

The 2nd album is better than the 1st and this album looks better than the 2nd one. It includes various genres and also contained more of what I wanted to do.

 What are the songs mostly about?

There is a wide array because I have written a lot. It includes various thematic songs like ‘time’, ‘rumor’or ‘love’

 ‘Time’, ‘rumor’, ‘love’ sounds like the key words relating to JJY?

They are not actually from my experiences. I don’t write my story in my music. I like to write songs with a novel-like mindset. I tend to rely on the imagination rather than experiences.

 Do you itch to stand as a musician on stage?

Of course. I am ’Just Rock’

 That sounds  itching.

I can’t help it. This is me.

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3 thoughts on “THE CELEBRITY Magazine Nov Issue [ENG]

  1. “The 2nd album is better than the 1st and this album looks better than the 2nd one.” sorry but i dont understand what it means.Can you please explain it more clearly?thanks~


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