LOVE K-POP Interview Sep Issue [ENG]

1409667936453_20140828_171825-1JJY: I’m happy that I have a job every Thursday. (laughs)
I’m been used to handle MC work, but it’s a good stimulus for me to meet many artists, and I enjoy it.
I spend extra time to practice the script, or play games before the live show (M countdown).
But after I had finished rehearsals and came back to the waiting room, I always regret playing games before the show, like “how why didn’t I read the script more!”

JJY: unfortunately I don’t have any artists I know well, but I’ve been doing well with Ahn Jae Hyun ssi because I work with him once a week.
But Jae Hyun ssi is too tall, I feel burdened a little bit. (laughs)
Even when he’s tall, he sometimes wears thick-soled shoes… I usually have a slight stoop, but I try to straighten my back when I’m an MC in M countdown.
I’m working too much on that. (laughs)

JJY: I’m good at Korean language the best, and can handle English and Chinese (too).
For Japanese, I can speak it (as least the revel level) so I can have fun when I travel to Japan.

JJY: When I was a high school student, I happened to watch the live streaming of NIRVANA on the internet and started playing music seriously.
It’s gonna be one year since I had debuted, but there’s no change about myself except that people notice me in cities.
However, my personality has become better than I used to be? (laughs)
I used to be aggressive but now I am calmer, and I feel that I’ve become gentle.

JJY: Firstly, I wanna have my own concert, and of course I wanna have activities in Japan.
But I’m worried that no one will come if I have a stage in overseas now. (laughs) (so) it’s good that it will be come true a little bit later. So far, my goal is that to finish up the full album which is planned to be released after autumn.
Of course I think alternative rock songs are gonna be the main this time too.
My goal in life is to catch a big tunny (tuna). (laughs)

This translation was kindly shared by a Japanese friend

Edited by: jjyxddorai


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