HaruHana vol. 25 Interview Aug Issue [ENG]

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“I thought it would be interesting when I was chosen as the MC (of Mcountdown). Having regular work on every Thursday makes my happiness index raise up.”

“Of course I got nervous at the beginning. It’s live, and the place situated for MCs is more than just one place. From going down to waiting rooms to having interviews, I have to move around a lot.
Initially, my mind was in a whirl and it felt like “my sprit away has been taken away?”

“I feel more pressured to be a MC than to be a singer. Because I can’t make mistakes…
ah, I can’t make mistakes in songs either. (when I sing)… What can I say?
For my songs, it’s okay if I do it well, but as a MC I have to understand all the situations and run the program smoothly.
As a singer, I just have to stand on the stage for about 3mins, it takes more than an hour as a MC…
I found myself feeling thirsty a lot.”

Q: Are there any accidents or times when your mind went blank?

“Because of my bad pronunciation, I’ve made mistakes of the singer’s name. And the announcement for No.1 artiste, is usually shown on the monitor. However I have bad eyesight hence I couldn’t see what was shown on the screen, whether if it was 2NE1 or Girls Generation. I got frozen just one second at the place, thinking “OMG, this is terrible! (what should I do!)”
At that time, Jaehyun hyung who has good eye sight helped me.
To my surprise, I thought that artistes’ names will be shown on the screen, but only the album jacket was shown… Since then, I had started to check (artists’) albums jackets photos.”

“When I was the MC in Japan (Mcountdown artistes of spring in Yokohama), I was taught Japanese pronunciation by a Japanese translator and had practiced a lot before going on stage. I guess I have a sense of Japanese then, kkkk
I was very happy that there are fans supporting our MC couple despite the presence of many artists. This makes me want to release my album and have music activities someday in Japan.”

OX questions

Q1: Do you think you’re the person who is full of confidence?

JJY: Yes! My confidence is huge. Kkk I’m always full of confidence.

Q: Don’t feel worry when you challenge something new?

JJY: No. (quick response) Because I won’t challenge something I feel worry about. Kkk


Q2: Are you the type which your ability will be developed if you get praised?

JJY: No, if I get praised, I’m gonna be arrogant. If I’m told, “you’re good at that!”, I’m gonna be relieved like “see? Don’t you think so too?” kkk
Q3: Do you like “surprise events?

JJY: Well… I’m not interested in surprising things.

Q: Don’t you have a surprise party for your friend?

JJY: Ah~, for that, I’m told tell the friend, “I’m gonna have a surprise party for you, so count on me for that!” kkk

Q4: Are you a person who is easily moved to tears?

JJY: No.

Q: Did you cry recently?

JJY:Ah, yes. I had to cry for MV shooting, so I did. But I don’t usually cry with expression.

Q: When have you cried the most in your life?

JJY: When I was born!

Q: isn’t there instances when you wanna cry?

JJY: When I had a crying scene for MV shooting, my tears didn’t drop at all. At that time, I wanted to cry as soon as possible!

This translation was kindly shared by a Japanese friend

Edited by: jjyxddorai


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