10+ Star November Issue [ENG]

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Jung Joon Young is more honest and bold than expected – a person who has no hesitations. “What do we have to talk about” he said with a beaming smile as he reclined his body on his seat, exemplifying the kind of person he is since that moment. Not even a 0.1% of pretense, the confidence which could have be superimposed by the entertainment industry was hardly be seen on his face. It was a rare sight – for a man to be of 100% purity. Thanks to him, this story is more realistic, because telling the story through text limits the expression and would seem like everything had been forced and charted out. Nevertheless, this story is about the one and only singer, MC, entertainer, and upcoming actor in the movie ‘Today’s love’ which I’m sure these would have be enough experiments in verifying his various charms completely. He will always shine with that “real” face alone.  (Article by Lee Jeong Hwa / Photo by Gu HeJeong)

Q: It’s been a year since your official debut as a singer on 10 Oct. How was your 1st year so far?

JJY: It was fun. Originally, it was supposed to be a day for shooting KBS 2 Days 1 Night but I decided to party. Because of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, the broadcast was postponed for one week “Oh, that’s good! Let’s have a party!” I decided that way. KBS is love

Q: But even so, I heard the second part of ‘Struggling Friend Note’ was shown yesterday. Have you watched it?

JJY: Let’s say I watched…I also had fun (/did entertaining things). But because it’s In Sung hyung, I think they extended his parts. (laugh)

Q: You are also the DJ for Jung Joon Young’s ShimshimTapa for MBC Radio since July. It must not have been easy, considering it takes place from 12-2AM everyday.

JJY: Sometimes we pre-record Monday broadcast but it is usually a live broadcast until Thursday. Once radio broadcast is over, I’m busy sleeping. Then if my friends want to play at my house, I can’t do anything about it. However, they have to at least call me between 12-1AM. But if they call and ask “What are you doing?” I’ll just say “Stop asking me. I’m tired.” Hahaha. Nonetheless, I relax during breaks. On the week we need to shoot 2 Days 1 Night, the schedule will be continuous. So I’m pretty much busy every other week.

Reporter: You probably can’t meet your friends often.

JJY: If the kids are not sleeping after my radio broadcast, I ask them out for a meal. If it’s too late, we’ll just meet for a while. (In a mischievous tone) But I dare not meet as well. Recently, I have started a new video game. (Big laugh)

Reporter: As Expected!

JJY: The video game is called ‘Blade and Soul’. Someone has to bestow you a ‘great’ item before you can start, but I have yet to receive any. Aish! I have a competitive nature so I see the need in attaining the main level (best/highest level). The main level is actually the start of every game! Hahaha. Now (until I reach the main level), there are 10 levels left.

Q: Hahaha. Anyway, are your song compositions going well?

JJY: I’m constantly preparing for it. Composing is done at a close hyung’s studio in Hongdae. He was in a band but he is unemployed now. Keukkeukkeuk. When I’m with this unemployed hyung, we don’t do the ‘unemployed’ games. I’m still not good at conveying a message through lyrics. In fact, I really have to give it a lot of thought. And like the song ‘Just the way you are’ which Younha and I worked on, collaboration album is always something you have to put together (as a team). Once my full album is out, I will then have to do it again. However in the case of a collaboration song, I’m not gonna write it because the company also needs to survive. (Laughs.)

Q: Do you attain your musical resources through your surroundings?

JJY: No. I find them on my own. Youtube is really cool. When you’re watching something, all the related videos will be shown at the side. It’s classic (noteworthy). I also watch live performances if there is something different to see. I do those sorts of things. Otherwise, I obtain some materials from the band that I used to know. Nowadays, I’m listening to the latest album of Slipknot. (He shrieks in a low voice) “Ooohhhh!” Keuhahaha. I like this kind of music genre (Emorock) so I listen to them.

 Q: Uh, what is the cute drawing (with the sun, umbrella, moon etc…drawn smaller) on your hand?

JJY: It was painted yesterday during the filming of the movie. I am not bothered by it so I have not erased it yet.

Q: you must be busy filming the movie ‘Today’s Love’ with Lee Seunggi and Moon Chaewon. What is the movie about?

JJY: (With a ‘naughty boy-like’ smile) I’m not. It’s fun. (Looking at his manager who was sitting far) Just let me tell you a bit of my acting. hahaha. On the scene, I was treated almost at a ‘Wonbin level’. (Manager: euhahahaha!) I am good. I am the kind who does really well when everyone praises me. Hey, come on! Right now, my identity is a bit shaken to some degree. euhehehe. I mainly act with big sister (Moon) Chaewon. Big sister (nuna) is very chic (elegant and stylish). And the two of us (he lowers his chin at a 45 degree angle then put on the back of his hand and talk in a playful tone) match really well because we are to some extent, at the same level. hahahaha

Q: Speaking of which, I saw that you’ve shamelessly acted well in tvN ‘SNL Korea’ (Saturday Night Live Korea)

JJY: Thanks to that, I was casted in the movie. The next day after the SNL Korea broadcast, I received a call saying I have to be in this movie no matter what. (‘uncondionally’). Director Park Jinpyo started his courtship. Please let’s do this.

 Reporter: Ah, Really?

JJ: Yes. (Clearly pronouncing) COURT. SHIP. (laughs). Just in case I do the movie and it does not do well, I heard there is no need for me to feel pressured. So I fell for the director’s passion and accepted his offer. (burst into laughter) I’m sure the director must be having his biggest regret right now. Keuhahaha. I have taken the role of photographer “Hyobong” (English name Andrew). They say there were really a lot of people, around 60, who wanted to play this role. But once you watch the full movie, you might only see my back because of all the editing. We can only do the dubbing for our voices after all the recordings are done. Shooting will finish by the end of Oct so we’ll have to wait and see.

 Q: When filming for Fashion King Korea, your chemistry with your team mate, designer Han Sanghyeok, is remarkable.

JJY: (Designer Han Sanghyeok and I) are close. Because they want to shoot an ENG only once a week for around an hour, it cannot be done separately so I can’t do anything about it. (ENG is Electronic News Gathering – a system of news reporting that uses portable television cameras to videotape pictures and sound especially when it is combined with the transmission of the signal to a television station for immediate broadcast.) It must be very hard on the designer since he is the one making the clothes even though the idea is provided. For the rest of the teams, they go somewhere to play and go wakeboarding too. But as for me, because I have other things to do like the movie filming, we cannot do anything that takes too long. So we just went to a spa. (laughs) It has not yet been broadcasted but it is the episode which we got eliminated. Haha. Anyway, when you watch the broadcast, it looks like there are 3 main sections – first, the shoppers and press, second, the fans and third, family. Keukeu.

Q: Tell us about your progress report with Ahn Jaehyun at Mnet MCountdown.

JJY: Anh Jaehyun hyung (big brother) and I matches well. Lately, we would both say, “Oh, we have done enough for today” (Laughs) Now and then, we want to review our performance in the program…Honestly, you know such moments do not suit me well and it seems to be a little pretentious. Even so, this is a very good experience.

Q: Sometimes I listen to ShimshimTaPa and I think radio is a medium that suits Jung Joon Young well.

JJY: Radio…good. As long as the schedules do not clash, it can be a little bit tough but I’d say it’s very fun. It is even better when I have guests because time flies faster than when I’m doing it alone. (Laughs.) The guests all fit in well even without me.

Reporter: Your style is someone who gets close to people very quickly.

JJY: Affinity is my strength. However, I’m actually shy. I know whether the person matches me or not because I catch on fast. Why, you know that feeling. If I’m doing an interview, sometimes there are cool journalists saying “So what…?” without even looking at my face, I just give the same answer like “What about this album…” I also cannot do anything about that person. Of course, I will still make the interview equally interesting because it is easy to slander someone through articles. (Laughs)

Reporter: You are more honest than expected.

JJY: Disingenuous. After all, by doing so, you will only become anxious. I cannot live like that. And if I have to do something that’s probably depressing, I think I won’t have to. When that moment comes where I don’t feel happy doing this job, I will just leave it all behind. It does not matter how other people see me.

Reporter: People call you “Unique”,“Fourth-dimensional”, if it greatly concerns you I won’t use it.

JJY: Not really but when I think about it I am not actually fourth dimensional. I don’t pay much attention to those things. However sometimes if there are other people whose views cross the line then I will be angry.

 Reporter: What are some examples that have crossed the line?

JJY: I’ll give one case, but first I have to say it clearly, I am sincerely thankful to the fans. However, there are a few people whom I think otherwise. That day I have to leave my dog at the veterinarian café, though I’m not sure how they came to find out I was there. I was touching and kissing my dog while there was a person taking photos, I was really very offended. There was also once when I was living with Roy (Kim). I was taking the elevator and during the moment when the elevator door was closing, a fan was waiting for me in front of the house taking photos with a camera suddenly. It was annoying but I also pity the person. I was wondering why he had to do it there. I don’t think they have to do stuff to this extent.

Reporter; You experience those as well.

JJY: And this is a different story. In the past, I monitor the fans’ reactions, now I don’t do it anymore.

Q: What was your turning point?

JJY: At first, whether it’s the fans or the public, everyone says they like my frankness. Ok, because I am a straightforward person anyway, I will do what I want and say what I am thinking. But at some point in time, if they subtly see that I’m not happy they would go “He knows there are eyes watching but why does he still show his unhappiness?” Initially, I was told that I am an honest person but now they are saying that…On the other hand if I were asked: “Can’t you pretend to be happy when there are people watching?” I’d think: “So from now on, shall I pretend? Shall I become a fake then? You know that’s not me.” Even so, I cannot say those things to the fans. I will never say it. I made it to where I am now thanks to the fans…Now, I just look into the radio stories.

Q: Are you happy so far?

JJY: No. But when I am working on a song, I become happy.

 Reporter: After listening to you, I think you are a more delicate man than I thought. I thought your appearance is someone who operates a blog and that your broadcasting appearance does not match you well. Right now, I think everything suits you perfectly.

JJY: I’m doing it (blog) for fun. Nowadays, I hardly eat what I’ve cooked so I am not blogging. When I cook, I open a book. The internet has limitations in the sense that it has a lot of unproven recipes. But of course there are also those that have been proven. I think you can buy it at 80,000 won. (laughs)

Reporter: Wow, to hear you talk about such things is somewhat odd.

JJY: I’m smart you know! keuhahaha.

Q: Is that why you chose to take a driver’s license that will pass you on your first try?

JJY: I had actually failed twice in both the written exams and the practical technique exams…but for road driving, there was only once which I failed. I gained 7-points difference. I even planned to ‘bribe’ the uncle (who probably does the road driving exams) but he said it will be scored by sensors so I just said ‘Ah, is that so?’ What the heck. Keukeukeuk.

 Q: Haha. It has been approximately a year since your brother; who is only a year older than you got married and has a child. Have you ever thought of a woman you would want to settle down with?

JJY: No but anyway, today is (my nephew) 100th day so I visited. My brother married way too early. He made a mistake. (A child) was on the way before the marriage. Marriage? Me too, if a ‘formation’ is evident? Keuhahaha.  I also want to marry soon. However, I’ll probably consider doing so when I’m around 34 years old, if not, let’s say 32 years old? Meanwhile if a ‘formation’ is on the way, I have no choice but to get married because sometimes we really don’t know. Right? Come to think of it, I think big brother did not give his baby a hug today.

Q: In life, what do you think is the most important? 

JJY; Money, Honor, Love.

Q: The thing that you have out of the three. 

JJY: None.

Q: What about love? 

JJY: Love…I have to get married. That’s love.

Q: So the best love is getting married? 

JJY: No. When a “formation” is made. Ah, in that way, you used it differently. “What do you think about love?” “When do you think love starts?” In that case, I will answer as “Love starts when a ‘formation’ is made”. hahaha.

Reporter: Impossible! (Laughs) 

JJY: Why~ The bottom line is if you ask “What is that ‘formation’?”, I’ll wrap up by saying “You already know.” hehehe

 Jung Joon Young behind the photo shoot, ‘ A Rock Star Transformation!’

Over 180cm tall, he has a lean body which is not easily attained by everyone and a small face which is the size of a CD. Thanks to Jung Joon Young’s good condition, everything is going well according to the pictorial concept despite the long hours of hard work. Determined in carrying out the character in a famous movie as the motif, he revealed his charm by presenting good ideas besides showing an array of poses. He is also busy shooting the latest movie “Today’s Love”. I want to look forward to his natural acting. Of course, it can be a little strange and I’m not sure how a rocker will attempt it in full rock spirit.

 Jung Joon Young and his staffs arrived on Oct 6, 30 minutes before the appointment time. It is so unlike his ‘image’. First, he arrived early and gave me the impression that he is pretty thorough with his job. Then in the middle of the interview he playfully said “Let’s shorten to one ‘cut’ only ~ ”as he was about to begin shooting and showed a great photogenic transformation. Amidst his joking, he became a man with sad eyes at the sound of the shutter (Romeo and Juliet). Agency officials said with some pride: “Joon Young talks mischievously so he will do well. They will finish the shoot in no time.”

Throughout the shoot, characters in the movie did not come out. It was however just another Jung Joon Young. He did not copy the characters right from the start as there was no better way of bringing out the movie characters besides this. A new Jung Joon Young was born each time he changed into a different costume. He exuded his own unique atmosphere by combining with a strange charm. Wearing a uniform while doing a pictorial, (Temptations of Wolves) everyone was looking at him diligently blowing the chewing gum into a balloon when he said while laughing: “You should be giving me a cigarette instead of a chewing gum.” His hand gestures, line, body posture, everything sumed up into one which said it all with his rebellious teenager look.

Chopping the copper tree and lying in the scene during the shooting (A River Runs Through It) I remembered him say “Cutting the copper tree and making a comfortable look is too pretentious.” revealing his logical aspect. However, he managed a lush-looking smile when the next pictorial started as a cosmetic advertising model. Ah, so this is the rocker’s beautiful professional spirit! Beyond every other photo shoot concept, he showcased a diverse expression and atmosphere without rest and proved himself as a genius throughout the pictorial. Like the words of the agency officials, the photo shoot ended an hour earlier thanks to him. Good Job!

Interview credits: http://juni0602.wordpress.com

Scans credits as stated in pictures.

Edited by: JJYxDDORAI


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